Imira:Talking to Midnight

So I was sitting on my bed and I heard noises downstairs. Deciding that someone must have arrived I got up, locked the door and went downstairs. There was another door open on the counter, but the key was still there. I took it out and checked the guestbook. There was a name under mine. Midnight, that's an unusual name. I thought. I set off to find her.

After searching the surrounding rooms, all of which appeared to be used for anything you wanted, I found a vampire in the kitchen.

'Excuse me, but are you Midnight? Only you left your key.' I gave her the key, and went over to the wine rack, which unsurprisingly, was full of wine bottles. I picked one and had a taste. Yes, as I had thought, it was not wine but blood in the bottles. I searched the cupboards for a glass, got two, filled them and gave one to Midnight. We talked about what we'd been doing. I told her about the vampire hunters, and she told me about her past. It was really quite interesting.

The End

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