So there I was, running. From vampire hunters. They seriously bug me. They even take this weird poison which goes into their blood and guess what? It's lethal to vampires! Ugh... Anyway I was running through this forest and suddenly I came to this big house. There was a sign over the door which read 'Vampire Mansion'. So I thought Well, I'm a vampire so I don't see a reason why I shouldn't go in. So I went in. There was a big desk, like the ones you get in hotels. There was a big red book on the desk which said Vampire Mansion guestbook. I opened it to the first page and wrote Imira in the first box and ticked the box marked F. Then a little door opened on the front of the desk and I bent down to see what was inside. It was a key engraved with a one. I presumed it was mine so I took it and went upstairs to room one(there was a map inside the front cover of the guestbook). I went in and sat on the bed. Then I waited for anyone else to turn up.

The End

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