Midnight: Information

Well I'm 10 years old and I have long raven black hair with navy blue eyes. My real name isn't Midnight but I really don't like the name Cynthia and Midnight just seems like a better name for a vampire. I was bitten in the early 1890's. (I know that was a long time ago but I can't help it) My dress that my mother had given to me then was ripped and torn. My hair was a complete disater from so many years of running and hiding in the forests. I had grown to become friends with the woodland creatures and they helped me out a lot when rumor came to hunters of my preasence. I hate people and I've never gotten over what I did to my parents the first time I started cravying blood. Instead of them turning into vampires like you would think I KILLED them! From then on I would only venture into ttowns if I heard someone was dying then I bit them after they did die. But that's just the begining of my tragic life.

The End

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