Hi. I'm a vampire, and have been for who knows how long. I don't. I prefer not to count. I have red ringlets almost to my waist and bright green eyes. When I was human, I loved chocolate and hated cauliflower. Now... I don't have blood preferences.It's just blood. I was bitten when I was fifteen. I don't know who bit me. I was walking home after a night out with my friends. I was wearing a sparkly silver top, purple miniskirt, black leggings and leopard print pumps. I'd just turned the corner when the vampire lept at me. I tried to run, but I didn't get far. You know what happens next. I screamed like hell, but he'd already disappeared. That's all I know of him, that he was male. By the time I took a breath to continue the scream, the transformation was over. I was a vampire and there was nothing I could do about it. I never saw anyone again. Not my friends. Not my family. They all thought I'd got lost or gone to someone else's house. They now think I'm dead. I was buried, and in the night I dug myself out. Then I ran. Thats the story of my life. Running.

The End

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