Final AttemptMature

I came back to the present in tears. No one could help me now. The only one I had trusted was gone, and I was stuck on a mission that was thousands of miles from where Garret was. What was I going to do? Nothing.

"Are you okay?" Kevin called me back from my thoughts.

"Yeah," I whiped the last of my tears from my eyes. "Let's get going shall we?" I started the car again without an answer.

We drove for another few hours, and in those hours, I figured out what I was going to do. I was going to help Garret. I didn't care if that meant I had to die to do so, but I was going to try.

I thought of everything I had seen in my vision. I had almost perfect memory, and as I replayed each scene, my attention was drawn to different things. I watched Garret closely and I observed his every move. It wasn't until I looked at him for the millionth time that I noticed something. Something that I could use to my advantage. I sent a silent prayer to whoever invented technology and remembered that Garret still had a phone. It might not have been the same as his old one, but I knew that he had one.

To make sure of my theory I rewound through everything until I was certain of my theory.

Garret I thought. I'll make sure you don't forget anything else.

"We need to make another quick stop," I called to Kevin. "Where's the nearest rest area or gas station?"

"Well," he sat very still and closed his eyes. "Exit now!"

I jerked the car to the right as I saw Kevin hold on to his seat. We swerved over three lanes and barley made it to the exit. I looked behind and heard angry drivers honking in reply to my rash actions. "All right," I pulled into a gas station and pulled out my phone.

I dialed a familiar number, but I was sent to voicemail. His little message was still the same so I knew his number was still the same. Then, I dialed Lilianna's number.

"Hello?" I heard her voice call from the other end.

"We've got to do something." I said firmly. Lilianna was now my best friend and I would not take no for an answer.

Luckily, she was all in. I explained how Kevin had powers and I explained how they worked. She confirmed all that had happened and then confirmed that Garret still had his phone as well.

My heart raced as she told me this. "I know what we need to do now." After going through all the plans I had thought of, I finally picked one that would hopefully work. I explained my plan to her and I could just see and hear her smiling through the phone.

"Oh, Hazel," she simply said. "If this doesn't work, then I don't know what will."


The End

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