We drove down to the Golden Gates where we would meet our little gang and take care of buiseness. We didn't stop because we were supposed to get there as soon as we could. We stopped a couple times only to get gas but besides that, we didn't stop. We had chips in the car from before the trip and in 18 hours, they were all gone.

"So... I know you're a Seeker and all and I'm not really good in the Seeker field... so do I was just wandering if you had any powers." I asked trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah. I do." was all he said.

"Well what are they?" I asked curious.

"I can see the present." he simply said.

"Well no duh, I can too! I think everyone can. Wanna elaborate?" I didn't like asking a lot a questions. They got annoying, but that was just me.

"Sorry," he apologized glancing at me. "I meant that I can see almost anywhere in the world. That kind of present. I can see what's going on in Europe, at school, where we're going. That stuff." He elaborated.

"Oh, I see," I thought of Garret instantly. He must have been on his Saturday meeting. "Can you check up on someone for me?" I asked knowing I had rushed things a bit.

"Yeah sure. Who?" he asked.

"Garret Dawes." I answered hoping he wouldn't say anything about the things that had recently happened.

"Okay," he thankfully said. "Do you want to see it with me?" he asked casually.

"What?" I was confused.

"I can take people with me." he said simply. "Take this next exit and go to the McDonalds on the right."

"Wait what?" then I saw it. I took the exit and saw the McDonalds. "Damn, you're good!"

He gave me a grin. "Thanks."

I parked in an empty space and put the car on park. I left the AC on and took my shoes off. I crossed my legs and my soft socks felt nice against my legs.

"Now relax and get comfortable," I leaned my chair back and I closed my eyes for a second. I laid my hands on the arm rest. Kevin placed his on mine and I glanced at him. He was in the same position I was in.

I leaned back and closed my eyes again and I was instantly transported to the school. We were in the head mistresses. I heard Kevin whisper, "Let me find him. Hold on." I felt a little squeeze on my hand. I knew it didn't mean much, he was probably trying really hard, but it just felt strange.

Then, I was taken to a bar like thing! What the heck. Then, I saw Garret come out of a car and I swore my heart almost stopped beaeting. He looked gorgeous in his outfit. I could tell he did something with his hair, but I didn't know what. I smiled a little.

"This your guy?" I heard Kevin again.

"Yeah, can u keep up with him? Theres this meeting that's supposed to happen and I'm not technically supposed to be here." I said frowning.

"Yeah," he said back. "But I have a limit. Around 30 minutes is all I can do for now."

"That's fine. This shouldn't take too long." I said as Kevin took us behind Garret. We stalked him while he tried to fit in.

"Welcome. Before I ask of your intentions I would like to introduce you to someone." The man began. I could feel him gazing at Garret and I could see Garret flush a little. "No doubt many of you know of Garret Dawes?" he called. Mixed emotions swirled in the room. "I would like you to welcome him, now...Feast first or later?" he asked.


The feast wasn't normal. The humans got chased down in confined tunnels. It lasted longer than I had expected. I could feel Kevin get weary because the visions got blury sometimes, but only sometimes.

We took a little break. I wasn't scared in missing any of the meeting because I knew the 'feast' would last at least an hour. I was right.

When Kevin and I entered back I could feel the tention in the room arise again. The meeting began as everyone settled in a seat somewhere. Garret chose one near the corner.

"Now," Theodore began again. " I have taken Garret Dawes is as my apprentice" as I heard murmurs of praise and protest. "Silence," he said with a demanding voice. "I know everyone must have their own opinion, but he it was my choice and anyone who questions that will have to deal with me."

I realized Lilianna was there. She hadn't been sitting next to Garret, but her father. Damn him. I quietly thought as I thought of that bastard.

"I will be removing him from school if you must know also. He will be trained by me to stand as my second", there were rumbles of anger.

My jaws dropped as soon as I heard that too. Garret, the person who I had changed, my responsibility, my protector, my secret keeper... my first love. Gone.

I could hear whispers again. I just kept quiet. Not that I could talk.

"That decision is final." I heard Lilianna's father say... then I opened my eyes and removed my hand from under Kevins...

Then, my heart broke into little pieces, then smashed into dust and blown away in the wind. It would be nearly impossible to fix it.

Garret I thought...

The End

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