The UnknownMature


"You'll what?!" Lilianna raised her voice angrily, I just watched with amusement.

"As I said before." I repeated my last Statement.“I will take you by force!" Lilianna let out an exasperated growl of anger and pulled on her shoes and pushed past me mumbling angry words. I followed her only to make sure she made it to the master. Then I spun on my heel and began my search for Arren, I had no real idea or clue to where I would find him and wandering around the campus wasn't going to do me any favors. 

"Looking for something?" A voice said from behind me. I turned around, not all surprised that he was the one to find me. I gave a quick bow and hurried my words, I didn't want to be late. 

"Come Arren, the master requests your presence at the meeting tonight." I gestured back towards the master and his not-so-happy daughter. Arren looked to them and his gaze flicked to a ring on his hand, it bore the same black rose as my clasp but no violet eye. He seemed trapped in a moment of thought before I called his name again. 

"Arren, we must!" This seemed to snap him out of the trance he was in and he nodded. Both of us moved back to where the statue and the rest of our group waited. The master eyed me, some hidden emotion glinting behind his cleaver eyes. 

"Come," he said taking long strides towards the front gate. The three of us followed, Lilianna still angry, Arren in thought, and I curious about what would happen. The night was just starting to gain a brilliance  the moon still wanning as it soared in the sky. A smile twitched at my lips as we were ushered into an all black car's back seat, the master sitting up front in the passengers seat. The doors shut and the car started off, it's engine humming as lights from the city passed by. It was a silent ride until the master looked over his shoulder at me. 

"Garret, if I give you a command tonight...follow it! Without Hesitation!" I nodded and said nothing. Lilianna growled and moved away from me, turning her gaze out the window. Arren was like a silent observer, saying nothing but taking in everything. After a few minutes the car rolled to a stop and doors opened. All of us stepped out and I realized we were outside a club. My eyebrows cocked at the idea of vampires owning a was a bit comical. Though my opinion changed as we walked in and the smell of humans made me gag. Why are we here...Where are the rest of the Shadows? The master shoved me forward and before a door I hadn't noticed. He withdrew a key and opened the door, closing it after we had all entered. 

The room was crowded with figures I recognized from the trial, various members of the Red Council were dotted around the room along with many others. The master left our sides and stood next to a table silencing all the others as he spoke. 

"Welcome. Before I ask of your intentions I would like to introduce you to someone." His eyes focused upon me and I felt my feet drawing me next to him. "No doubt many of you know of Garret Dawes?" he called to the room. Alot of the vampires nodded, some happy, some not. "I would like you to welcome him, now...Feast first or later?" he asked the crowd.

The End

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