Road TripMature

"Hazel Kameron, please report to the office as soon as possible. Hazel Kameron." I heard the intercom call for me.

I whipped the building tears away from my eyes. "I have to go," I said to Avalon.

"But wait!" she called for me, but she was too slow. Typical brats. Theyre slow until they turn 15.

I was at the office in 5 seconds. "Ms. Kameron. We have an assignment. You will be working with this new Seeker. He just turned 15 and his name is Kevin Pillon. I'm entrusting him with you. Take care. It's his first mission." the lady at the front desk said.

"All right," I smiled at Kevin. He looked away shyly. "What's the mission?" I asked. Missions would range from finding crooks, to protecting the president. They could last from 1 day to 1 year. It was very vague as to what the mission might be.

"You are to track this gang. You are to kill them off one by one. Not in one group. Here are pictures and a map. There is a cell phone for you if things get out of control." It was just protocol that they gave us cell phones, but this mission seemed a  little sketchy.

"Isn't this a little too hard for a absolvent and a stife? It seems a little to..." what was the word? "hard..." I said. "I need details. Does this 'gang' move around or are they located in one place? Are they killers? What are they like? Subtle killers or the kind that want to make a scene?" All these questions and just a simple answer.

"I don't know. That's your job. To find out Ms. Kameron. When you are out in the 'real world' there is no 'where is this' or 'where is that.' There is simply a 'find this person and kill him or her." She said sternly. "Am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am, but can a formare come with us? I can't drive and I don't have that much--" I was cut off with a hand in my face.

"You have your license and everything you will need in that bag. Now, you best be going. You will be gone for a while. Go back to your dorms and get your stuff. You will need it, but don't bring too much stuff. It might be a pain to drag them around." she said, and we were out.

"Meet my back at the garage. Pack one day's worth of clothes and anything you think you will need. Nothing more, okay?" I said and he nodded. We parted quickly and I went to the house. I got a backpack and headed out.


I got into the car and waited for Kevin. He came about a minute later and we were off.

"Hey," I said reaching for the bag. "Check to see what's in that bag Ms. Dunn gave us."

"There's a cell phone, map, a wallet with some cash and a credit card. There's an emergency phone number and well... a picture and files on the crook." he informed me.

"Really? Where are we going?" I asked glancing at the map, but couldn't get a clear view.

"Well.... Sacramento." and my mouth dropped.

"That far!" I said snatching the map from him as he pulled to a red light. "Woah!" I said astounded. I've never been there before... Actually, I haven't been anywhere besides San Diego and New York and all the countries up north.

"Well, Kevin," I said smiling. "Get ready for some beach parties cause we're goin' on a long road trip." I smiled.

The End

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