By the time Saturday graced the campus, I felt no impending anxiety towards the meeting about to transpire. My thoughts carelessly lingered on everything and nothing, flirting with the photographic memory of the lake. Who was this special person Hazel had lost…where had he gone? Why had he left her? I sighed and continued walking across the cobblestone walkway. I was alone as I had been the entirety of the week, waiting.

My eyes flicked along the path examining the flaws in each stone with a dull fascination. As the moon began to show herself, I calmly moved to the marble chimera statue. It was the only place within the school’s walls that held an aura of nothingness, a void of darkness. Sitting atop the pedestal, between the beast’s majestic paws, I waited.

Once again my eyes ran along the unblemished Running golden class, adorned with the deep black rose and purple eye. Not a sound disturbed night. As my finger gently touched the rose a fist slammed into my face, throwing me the ground in a heap.

“Fight.” the familiar voice growled. I stood, anger and surprise flooding my senses. Turning, I snarled at the man, bearing my fangs in defense. What I saw shocked me, sent actual emotion through my empty core. The aggressor was the master.  

“Fight!” he shouted at me again. I felt at a loss for what to do, should I attack him…when he attacked me? I blinked a few times until a feeling hijacked my thoughts, where it came from I didn’t know. Speed pulsed though my muscles and drove me forwards. In the blink of an eye, his hand caught me in mid-air and flipped me onto the cold stone ground.

“Try again,” he demanded and took a few steps back. I rubbed my arm, feeling needle like pinpricks running up and down where his strong grasp had taken hold. Anger burned into an inferno under my skin, trying to get me to leap up and attack. A deep breath passed my lips and I resisted. Blind fury would not win this fight. Standing, I took a few slow and methodical steps left, stopping only to watch the master curiously. His gaze stared back, piercing through me.

“It’s about the strength and knowledge behind the punch, that makes it reach your target. Pure violence will not help anyone.” I gave a very slight nod back, pausing an intangible second to shift behind the master and attempt an ambush. Again he blocked my attack, again I was tossed to the floor and all with one simple and graceful move.

“That’s better,” he said plainly “Enough for today. Come we have a meeting to attend.” He took a step, then paused.

“Would you fetch my daughter and her friend, Mr. Arren Matthews?” I nodded and bowed respectfully.

“Of course, master.” Turning away, I felt all emotion recede like the waters of the ocean.

My pace accelerated taking me to where I knew I would find the master’s daughter, Lilianna. Entering the dorm I noticed her calmly writing in her book.

“Miss Lilianna,” her head turned slightly, giving me a disgusted glare.


“Your father requests you come to the meeting, we must also go and retrieve Arren.” Her book clapped shut with a loud thud and she left the couch, taking a stance in front of me. Her eyes flashed as I calmly watched in curious fascination. 

“I will take you by force, you understand, I am only following orders.” I left enough of a stern, dangerous tone for her to raise an eyebrow at me. 

The End

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