I couldn’t help but play with the ring Theodore had given me as I made my way to my dorm. I’d done a pretty good job of checking up on what Lilianna was doing and as far as I could tell, I hadn’t been spotted yet. I had pretty much made it most of the way back when I caught glimpse of Garret, a gold clasp bracelet on his wrist. I could vaguely see a black rose much similar to the one on my ring resting against the metal, along with something else I couldn’t quite make out. He paused, looking at me, before shaking his head. I glared at him a little. What gave him the right to shake his head at me?

"Can I help you?" he asked plainly.

"Just what is that?" I asked, gesturing at his wrist.

He looked down at his wrist before holding it up for me to see. "This? The Master bestowed it upon me." his voice was lacking in emotion and his crimson eyes watched me curiously.

"You seem... different” I said, arching an eyebrow slightly.

He blinked. "So I've been hearing for the past day and a half. Both from the master's daughter and the other girl that occupies the dorm." He looked off into the distance for a moment, fiddling with the clasp at his wrist.

"Wait... Theodore gave you that?"

He frowned a little at something. "Yes...he did."

"Why?" I asked, shocked, and he cocked his head to one side slightly, giving me a blank stare.

"I..." he bit his lip, seeming unsure of something then shook his head. "Because of what is to happen on Saturday. There is little more I am allowed to say.

"And what is to happen on Saturday?"

He shrugged his shoulders lightly. "The master will tell me when I need to know. By the way what's your name...I don't think we've met before. I'm Garret Dawes." He bowed and looked back at me, while I just sort of stared at him. "What?" he asked, sounding slightly confused.


He let out a slight sigh. "You still haven't told me your name..."

"Arren. Arren Matthews"

"A pleasure" he said, the slightest hint of emotion showing in his voice. I looked at him, a little confused and he furrowed his brow, a hint of anger flashing behind his crimson eyes. “What?” he asked, a little sterner.

“Nothing" I sighed.

"All I get is confusion this past week, people giving me funny looks. Saying funny things. Then the master’s daughter... She looked so angry at me and that other girl. I couldn't get her to stop sobbing, each and every time I ask what is wrong or why they stare...all I get is nothing."

He looked to the sky, taking a deep breath and flashing his fangs before turning his gaze back to me.

"Wait... Lilianna and Hazel? I thought the three of you were friends?"

He narrowed his eyes a little in confusion. "I'm not sure that I follow. I know who the master's daughter is, of course. That other girl, her name is Hazel?" he asked, blinking a few times, "I've never seen her before, same as I have never seen you before this conversation."

"Have you suffered a blow to the head or something?"

He chuckled darkly, a slight grin at the edge of his lips. “Not that I recall. Why do you ask?" he gave an exasperated sigh before continuing. "And don't say nothing, I grow tired of that answer."

"I ask because just a few days ago you and I were at each other's throats"

He arched an eyebrow. "Really? Hmm, and why was that? You seem intelligent and conversable." He said, muttering "...with better manners and language than the master's daughter." 

I just sort of looked at him in disbelief. Was this seriously Garret?

"Arren, please, answer the question. You silence is a bit disconcerting." He said, looking at me expectantly.

"I am not entirely sure why"

A dark grin crept onto his features. "Then the matter must have been trivial at best." A spark seemed to flash behind his eyes before continuing. "Tell me, how do you know the master's daughter?"

“Through the academy, I suppose" I shrugged and he nodded.

“One other thing," he fiddled with bracelet on his wrist again. "Who is Hazel? I know she's the other girl in my dorm but who is she...really?" he asked, gritting his teeth a little but otherwise showing no emotion. "Why does she burst into fits of tears every time her eyes fall upon me? I don't recall every doing anything to wrong her..." 

I shrugged again. "I couldn't tell you, we've never really spoken"


"Yes... Well, I am afraid I must leave you"

Garret nodded, extending a hand to me. "It was interesting speaking with you Arren, I do hope to have another enlightening conversation soon." He said, smiling a little.

I sort of smiled back as I shook his hand and he gave a slight bow, turning to leave. He took a few steps then paused.

"The moon, it's beautiful, isn't it? A lovely time for a drink," his tone hit a dark cynicism as he turned back to me. "Don't you think?"

I bowed my head a little, not trusting him. "I prefer to drink under the light of day"

He nodded and grinned. "Personal preference, I guess. Good night.”

And with that he turned and walked away. What exactly just happened?

The End

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