My legs felt as if they had been put on auto pilot that day. My arms fell limp to my side as I ran. I ran and ran, but I wouldn't stop. I ran to the city, then back to the dorm. Garret was gone to classes, but I skipped. Then, when I felt I couldn't take another second... I walked over a hill and past some trees.

There it was. The lake. Our lake. It was so beautiful. The sun that was still high in the sky glistened upon it and it felt like heaven. A little piece of heaven that had fallen down to Earth just for me and Garret.

After hours of siting and doing nothing, I dragged my body back to our dorm. With my head down low, I felt so pathetic. My heart felt so heavy as I lugged it back to my room. I swiped the card through the door and I went in. I leaned against the door to close it and I just stood there, looking at the ground.

So many emotions just kept coming and going. Emotions I knew I could have never felt without Garret. I looked up only to see him looking back, but it just pained my heart to think of him... let alone look at him.

"What's wrong?" he said with a voice that I knew Garret couldn't have used with me. It sounded so caring. Like a little brother to sister. Not to someone you cared about.

"Nothing," I said, "It's done. We're done," but I knew he wouldn't be able to understand where I came from. Whatever Theodore had done to him, I was going to undo.

To kill the plant, you start at it's roots. I went slowly to Lilianna's room brushing past Garret, but he caught my hand with amazing strength.

I let my body go limp as he brought me back in front of him. "Why has everyone acted as if something happened?" he asked, but there wasn't any emotion in it. He was just curious.

"Because you don't remember anything Garret. You let your walls fall. The walls that me and Lilianna had built up for you from scratch. With love. We put every ounce of love we had into building that wall up for you. All the love you couldn't get as a human. We replaced it hoping that your will would keep it up," I said in the same tone as him. I gritted my teeth a little, "And you tore it down. You tore up everything I had done to get you this far in life. Now, you're just a total stranger to everyone. Even me," I could feel tears come again. I didn't bother holding them back.

"Have a nice life." was all I said. I was too hurt to even care that what I had said maid zero sense to him. I didn't care.

I closer the door to my room softly, but then it opened again. Lilianna came in with a sad look on her face.

She sat down besides me on my bed and said, "Theodore erased his memory." I was about to comment, but she stopped me. "I might sound defensive, but I know him. He wouldn't push anyone to do anything by force. In other words. Garret chose to become this..."

Then, I cried. Again

The End

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