I sat in the room of my last class, my eyes flicking over the words penned in the arcane textbook before me. The teacher tried elicit some reactions by asking odd or unusual questions, after all this was a comprehensive history on Vampires. My eyes flicked slowly to the clock noticing only two minutes left, an end to the day. I sighed and placed my books back in my bag. 

"Garret, I need to see you after class." the professor called to me, the other students snickered and whispered about impending punishment. Shrugging my shoulders I waited, the small classroom bell sounded with a loud clang causing the rest of the students to race out. It was the end of all Tuesday classes and everyone was eager to get back to their dorms. I could hardly share their sentiment. I had awoken to that girl standing in my door way, a girl I didn't know.

As soon as I apologized for not knowing her it looked as though I had stabbed her. Tears poured down her cheek in torrents and when I tried to discover the cause of her sadness, she just punched me hard in the chest. Locking herself in her room and sobbing for hours. It was truly perplexing but there was nothing I could do, so I attended my classes as the note said. Waiting for the inevitability of  Saturday. 

"Garret," the professor called again. I nodded and stood, walking over to the professor's desk. The teacher gave off an matronly aura, though she only looked about in her mid-twenties.

"Yes?" I asked, intressted to learn why she had delayed me.

"Are you alright?" she questioned, a genuine hint of concern weaving throughout her tone. I furrowed my eye brows, a bit confused. 

"I'm fine ma'am, why do you ask?" She looked at me a second then waved her hand, letting out a nervous chuckle. 

"I don't know you just seemed a lot more interested in class today, that's all." I blinked a few times, finding it laughable that my attention span was the focus of her worries. 

"I'm fine, I just enjoyed the lesson today." With that statement, I gave a curt bow of my head. Leaving the professor, with her jaw almost on the floor. After leaving the building I began to take a leisurely stroll about the campus. Many other students passed by, some chatting and others laughing. Curiosity lingered only moments as I came to rest under a large marble statue.

The sky was tinted a bright orange-pink as the sun began to dip beneath the horizon. Birds chirped softly in the background and the wind whistled lightly. Leaves shifted and danced in the air, like a ship tossed about on angry seas. The sky darkened and soft silver specks of light began to dot the sky.

The mistress of the night, in her luminous and curvy form, stepped high into the sky. My eyes slid heavily closed as I basked in the moonlight. For some reason, I felt as though the moon warmed my icy skin more than the sun. I stayed there, still, for another quarter hour before finally choosing to return to the dorm. I had tried to prolong my stay away from the room, hoping that it would give the sobbing girl some space.

Crossing the courtyard, I walked into the building and to the room door. After inserting the key, the door opened with a hearty click. I walked inside and shut the door behind me, taking a seat on the couch. Digging around in my back pack I found what I was looking for, a large leather bound book. My hands opened the ancient book with a tender delicacy and my eye began to dance from word to word. I didn't know how long I was ingrained in its pages before a noise disturbed the silent peace. 

"Hello Garret," avoice mumbled. Gently, I placed the book upon the couch and stood, turning to the girl. Her lavender eyes metmy crimson.

"Good to see you, Miss." I replied calmly to the master's daughter. Her eyes held the same shade of purple as her father and yet I got the feeling she was different. That she didn't embrace her talents as the master did. She starred back at me.

“Huh?” I gave her an all knowing look back, interesting that she couldn’t deduce my point.

“You are the master’s daughter…”

“Oh Lord…”she growled before cursing. Such language unbecoming of a lady like her. I moved around the couch and in front of her.

“Did I say something to offend you?” I faked a slight hint of concern. Her eyes stared into me.

"He really has wiped you clean" she said. "Here I bumped into your 'master' and he told me to give you this" The object she handed me was a clasp gold bracelet with a black Rose engraved in, along with an eye that  was colored purple.

“Thank you, but I not sure what you mean by ‘he wiped me clean’…” I shrugged my shoulders; whatever she was talking about seemed to hold little importance. I put the clasp upon my wrist as she rolled her eyes at me.

“Clean as soap,” she mumbled before walking further into the dorm. I shook my head, such an odd girl. Then a curiosity tugged at my thoughts.

“What happens on Saturday?” She didn't say a word and just slammed her door. Releasing a heavy sigh, I retook my seat upon the couch. Picking up the book, I looked back to both of the girls doors. How in the world did I get stuck in a dorm with the Masters temperamental daughter and a girl who sobs over me like some wounded animal? My eyes fell back on the golden clasp with the black rose. Curious...

The End

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