The Past.Mature

'Jesus! Hurry up, Sam!' I laughed, sticking my tongue out at him, 'slow coach!'

'I'm not slow, I'm just. . .taking things at my own pace!' He grinned as he jogged towards me, his bright hair bobbing up and down.

'Admit it, your just slow!'

'I'm not!'

'Heeeeeh. Well, I'll race you to that lamp post and we'll--'

'No way!'

'Why? Afraid you'll loose?'

'No, because were already ten minutes off curfew.' Sam mumbled, blushing like a little kid. I smiled and hopped over to him, and patted him on the head, making him blush more.

'Your right, it's London, I bet there're loads of loonies on the streets! Not that I care, I mean, I'll protect you!' I grinned, poking Sam's nose, he smiled and shook his head.

'It seems we've switched positions. I appear to be the girl in this relationship.' He said glumly.

'Hah! That's only because I'm too strong for my own good.' I snickered, raising my hands in defence.

'I swear, you should have been a protector, not a seeker!' He said, obviously trying to figure out why he was a protector and I was a seeker.

'I guess your right. . .anyways, let's get going.' I shrugged, taking a hold of his hand. I started walking, but Sam stopped.

'. .  .your going the wrong way, Avalon.' He muttered, trying not to laugh.

'Gyuhh. .. uhmm. Well, that's because. .. .I felt like a change?'

'The hotel our school is staying in is over there.' He tried not to smile as he pointed in the complete different direction.

'I knew that!'

'Yeah. . .sure you--' 

There was a sickening ripping, gurgling noise.

I screamed as Sam fell to the floor, blood trickling from his lip. A big gash in his stomach distracted me from reality.

'Vampiric scum!' The man holding the butchers knife screamed, swinging the knife up again.

'No!!' I shrieked, jumping in front of Sam's dying body, I stopped the knife with my hand, crying out in pain as it sliced into my palm. If my hand was in agony, I have no idea how Sam felt.

I slung up my leg, kicking the man in the chin, he flew backwards and slammed into the wall.

Before he passed out, I heard him mutter, 'I can see it in the eyes. . .'

'Sam! Sam! Sam! Shit, what. . .what do I do?!' I screamed, clutching his head, sobbing into his red hair, his chest was covered in gore and the wound was gushing blood. I had no idea what to do! What do I do?!

'Promise.. . .you wont. . .do anything. . .stupid. ..' He gurgled, smiling at me, his eyes crinkling up as he did so. Then his breathing stopped, and all you could hear, deep in the heart of London, was the hacking sobs that filled my chest, and the screams which flooded out of my mouth.

The End

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