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Oh come on. Seriously? I stared at the old gothic castle with wide but dulled eyed. My purple was swishing within the natural blue of my eyes and.... I felt moderately normal for once. Even though I was staring up at this gothic castle that was my fathers home.

I shake my head and head up the steps. I can't believe he'd even summon me. What does he think I am? A dog? No, more like his puppet. Now he's found me I'm his special little girl who he must keep safe. So far thats the amount I had worked out. I was also furious. I had found Hazel this morning sobbing on the sofa with Garret nowhere in sight.

How dare he? How dare he make Garret forget Hazel? Although, I was slightly thankful our tie was severed but I was damn bloody furious about it. I stormed up the stairs shoving open the door and then... I stood there not knowing where to go until a door to the left opened.

My father stood there a hint of a smile on his lips. He gestured into the room and I followed him in. I took a seat across a coffee table from him. On the coffee table were two glasses of red liquid. "Blood?" I questioned.

He nodded. "I have been trying to track you down for years, Lilianna" Theodore said calmly scanning my face.

"Too bad you sucked at finding me" I said with a quick smirk before wiping my face clean of emotion.

My father sat back. "I wish you to stay with me here. I could teach you more here then that damn school could"

I raised my eyebrow. "No thanks"

"Its not a question, Lilianna"

I felt anger ripple over me. "You don't control me" I snarled. "You think you can just waltz back into my life, daddy up and everything be fine. No. You can't" I drained the class and stood. "You are no father to me"

"How can I prove to you I can be?"

"You abandoned my mother" I said through clenched teeth.

"Please sit down and let me explain"

"No, I have class" I snapped then turned to walk out.

"I'll come talk to you later at school then I have buisness there"

I shot a look over my shoulder. "Stay away from my friends" I hissed then left.

The End

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