The ApprenticeMature


I awoke on the couch covered by a blanket, my eyes blinked away sleep. A heavy yawn passed my lips as I dragged my body into my room and changed clothes. Walking back through our room I peeked in on Hazel, a grin forming upon my lips when I noticed her asleep at her computer. Moving into her room, I picked her up off the chair and set her on her bed.

She sighed but didn’t wake as I grabbed an extra blanket and covered her. A fleeting idea crossed my mind. I leaned next to her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Sleep well Hazel, I have to go and meet Theodore today. But how am I supposed to find him? A loud knock sounded at the room door, groaning I pulled my zip up hoodie over my new shirt and went to answer the door.  A tall guy with bright red hair and blue eyes greeted me with a cheesy smile.

“Hey, name’s Sam. Theodore sent me to get you.” I nodded, yawning again, I shut the room’s door behind me and followed the kid out of the building. His gait was slow and relaxed, almost too calm. The sun had just begun to break free of the horizon as he led me to the front gate.

Sam walked through but I hesitated, with a sorrowful glance back to the dorm. I’m so sorry Hazel but this is something I have to do. Sam watched as I walked through the gate and we started off again. Our walk through the human city was a long one, made even longer by Sam’s constant talking. After the first five minutes I tuned out and just walked.

“Here we are!” Sam said triumphantly stopping. My jaw almost hit the pavement as I looked at the house. House didn’t really fit the place; it was more like a mansion or a palace. It was an older building, almost gothic stone cathedral in style. Sam pushed me forward, prompting me up the front steps and in front of the large Oak double doors. Sam didn’t even pause to knock, pushing one open and disappearing inside.

Finding my feet, I walked inside, jumping as the front door shut behind me. If the outside was any clue to the inside you wouldn’t have known.  The front area was filled with large polished statues of gargoyles, books, and wooden furniture. It was dark, high class but had an eerie feel to it. I felt as though I were stepping back in time. My eyes caught sight of a painting, it was a canvas painting of a large, spire covered, Medieval castle.

“Hello,” a voice said from behind me. I spun around, stunned that Theodore had snuck up on me. I gave a slight bow, remembering my manners.

“Hello Mr….?” Theodore waved his hand as if finding the question trivial.

“That doesn’t matter, tell me Garret. Do you like the arts?” I looked back at the painting trying to remember any time in my human life that I had enjoyed such things.

“Arts…I loved to look at paintings. To see how the artist would weave their lives, dreams, and fears into the paint. As for anything else…” I furrowed my brow angrily. “I can’t remember.” Theodore nodded.

“Hmm, interesting. Come.” He gestured to the parlor and led me to a pair of cushioned chairs. In between the two was an elegant coffee table. Taking a seat I began to fidget with my hoodie. Was there something I was supposed to do or say? Theodore took a seat and looked at me with his amethyst eyes.

“Do you know how to control your bloodlust, Garret?” My hands tightened to fists as it awoke, shifting and trembling to life within me, causing my stomach to burn with hunger.

“I never have,” my voice said in a weak whisper. “I’m sure you heard about…the trial…” He nodded.

“I did, looked through it too. How’s Lilianna?” I arched an eyebrow at the man, confused at his sudden change in subject.

“Aside from being constantly attached to my thoughts, she’s fine. Though I haven’t seen her since she stormed off last night.” Theodore let out a soft sight, seemingly caught in his thoughts.

“She looks just like her mother.” Then his personality seemed to shift, become more serious. “Now, back to you. Do you want to control your bloodlust, Garret. Have all the advantage, but be in control?” My eyes jerked up sharply. What had he just said…control my bloodlust?!

“I doubt that it’s even controllable. I’m like a different person when it takes over.” I paused, the sanity within me screaming to take the offer. “Yes,” I said “I want to be able to control it.”

“Do you wish to become my apprentice?” his face was devoid of emotion. I felt like I was punched in the face.

“Apprentice?” I asked shocked.

“Look, I like you, Garret. For being recently turned from a human you’re quite impressive. You already secured a tie to my daughter, which I’d sever for you if you became my apprentice. Instead you’d be tied to me and I’d help you control your bloodlust. Not rid you of it…control it. It is possible.” I looked to Theodore, trying to take in everything that he said. It was almost as if some ethereal being were answering my wishes.

“Yes, I will become your apprentice. Just teach me how to control it…use it to my advantage, I’ll do anything.” His expression darkened a bit.

“You will only be loyal to me. You will never be tied to anyone else. You’ll lose all emotion.

 A dark smile creased my lips. “I’ll do anything.” I repeated.

“Good,” He said before darkness suddenly surrounded me.


My eyes opened heavily and my mind felt hazy. I couldn’t recall anything except my name and what I was. I’m Garret Dawes and I’m a vampire. As I sat up I realized I was in a bed at my dorm. A small piece of paper was sitting on the night stand, the handwriting was penned in a beautiful form of cursive.

Go to your classes for the rest of the week, on Saturday you will be picked up.

That was all the note said.

“Hey Garret,” a chipper voice called. I turned and looked at the girl. She had light blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. I stared at her confused as to why she was in my room. “What’s the matter?” her voice grew concerned.

“I’m sorry,” I said emotionless, as I pushed the note into my pocket. “I don’t know who you are.” 

The End

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