I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Theodore. I vaguely recognised him from one of my mother’s parties but that was it. As much as I had been told stories of The Shadows, I was never told stories of individual members. It was my father’s opinion that telling a child the tale of an individual’s greatness inspires them to match such greatness, when the majority of the time it will lead them to their deaths. After all, the most memorable are those that die young. And as for Lilianna... I would never dream of disrespecting my parents, least of all my father, in such a manner as she had just done.

"We need to find the charger" she said once we were inside a dark club, the loud music grating against my eardrums.

"The charger?"

"He'll be a Shadow and he's got the keys to get into the back" she said and I nodded, "Let’s dance"

I arched an eyebrow and she dragged me onto the dance floor. I can’t say we danced all that much, what with me being trained in ballroom dancing only, but she was asked to dance at one point by a man who simply pressed something into her hand before leaving.

"Let’s go" Lilianna said, heading for the back door.

I followed her, a little confused, and she threw open the door. The room was crowded with figures I recognised from my mother’s parties and my father’s social events. Various members of the Red Council were dotted around the room and I almost wondered if my father was present. Theodore was stood next to a table and seeing myself and Lilianna enter the room, took this as his cue to speak.

"Ah, now we may begin"

The room fell silent and Lilianna pulled me to stand at the back with her.

"Welcome. Feast first or later?" Theodore asked the crowd.

"Now" they all chorused, with the exception of Lilianna and myself.

A group of girls were led into the room. I could only assume the stereotypes had held up and that they were all virgins.

“Feed, friends"

"Now the blood" Lilianna whispered from beside me.

I watched curiously as the girls were led into a vast maze beneath the city, a myriad of pathways curling through every inch of it. There was no way a human being could solve it. They were literally being led to their deaths, a beautifully depressing sight.

"You can go play if you want" Lilianna said and I shrugged, content to just watch. I’d never seen the thrill in hunting down a human, regardless of how idiotic they were.

I watched from above as the various members of The Shadows swept into the maze after the human girls, curiosity and interest ripe within me. Some of them played and teased with the humans, giving them the fleeting hope of a chance to escape before ending their lives in a beautiful fountain of blood. Others were more direct, pouncing and feeding on a human as soon as they found her. It was an interesting sight to say the least. Lilianna didn’t watch the hunt, leaving halfway through it. I glanced at her as she left, the determination to follow her absent from my being.

The End

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