Meet up for dislikeMature

I tap my foot as I waited looking around with sharp eyes. Then a BMW came to a hault right next to me. I raised an eyebrow at it and the back window came down. To reveal my father. "Ah, nice to finally catch up with you. Where are you heading?"

"None of your buisness" I say pulling my ponytail so it falls over my right shoulder. I look away trying to find Arren and failing.

"Why not use your telepathy to find this... Arren? In fact I think I know his father... an odd fellow" Theodore, which I am going to refer to him as, said calmly leaning through the window slightly.

"Cause that's invading someones personal privacy" I say which is when Arren appears. "Now me and Arren are going"

"I could give you a lift to the meeting"

I notice Arren smile a little out of the corner of my eye but I just glare at Theodore. "No" I say through clenched teeth. I feel my fangs begin to prick my lip. Arren looks at me and I know I'm at my true vampire state.

"May I ask why not?" says Arren. I turn at glare at him with fury.

"Do you want to go to the meeting or not?"

"Ahh, so that's where you're going" I turn and once again glares at Theodore. I notice Arren having bowed his head. "What have I done wrong?"

"Everything. From getting my mum knocked up to thinking you can swagger back into my life" I snap then grab Arren hand tugging him along. I hear the car pull off behind me and don't look back.

I'm furious at him. I hate him. Why? Why now? What's so important he has to come back now? Soon we reach the club the pounding music soothing my mind.

The End

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