A Sickness that Cannot be CuredMature

Yes, I'm not quite correct in my head. I have come to terms with that. And yes, I really should forget the death of Sam.

But I was on edge.

Why? Because even though I'd been able to punch someone, gain a friend and a few enemies, I still felt like shit. Sam's birthday was two days away and I wasn't allowed to go back to England for a grave visit.

I flipped over on my ed, smushing my face into the pillow. No crying, Avalon, no crying. Pressing my face into it harder, as I swallowed the lump which had developed in my throat.

'Um, I'm sorry. But I think this is also my room.' A voice mumled as they kocked on the door.

'Heeeeeh? Who'm I sharin' it with?'I asked in confusion as I stood up I opened the door, '.  ..GYAHH!' I screamed stumling backwards. No way. Not possible. This was impossible! He. . .no way, this is not real. Not real!

'What? What.  .? Are you okay?!' The boy cried, rushing inside to help me up.

'S. . .S. . .no way. . .Sam. .. .'

'Yeah, that's my name. How did you know? Do you read mind or something?' He asked, excited. His large almond shaped blue eyes brimming with curiosity, his apple-red hair just the way it was before, right down the the last curved hair in his fringe.

'Gyuh. . .' I grunted, trying to swallow down the bile that was rising in my throat. I pushed him out o the way and raced towards my dorm rooms bathroom, slamming the door behind me so he didn't have to witness my vomiting.

'Oh, man!' He sighed before knocking on the door, saying gently, 'are you feeling okay? Want me to call someone?'

'No. . .I'm. . .fine. . .' I panted, I didn't want this boy to come in. If I looked at him, I'd throw up again.

His soft, laughing voice, apple-red hair, big blue eyes, tan skin, long legs. . .all like they'd never left me. . .no way! This couldn't be Sam! It had to be a lie!

And for the first time since my Sam's death, I broke down into sobs. No. . .this felt gross. I hate it. . .stop it tears! Dammit!

'Dammit!' I choked, wiping away the tears, hoping they'd stop dripping down my cheeks. I pulled off some tissue and blew my nose.

I guess this had to be him? I mean, for gods sake, he was English! Exactly like Sam in looks. But how?


My head snapped uo. He knew my name?! What the fuck?!

'You. . .know it? My name? You know my name?!' I yelled, swinging the door open to find the boy smiling widely.

'I'm home.'

'No. Piss off. This is a prank.' I hissed, flopping back onto my bed, 'or a dream.'

'It's not a dream, Avalon.' He gunted, poking me on the shoulder like Sam always used to.

'Stop pretending to be Sam!'

'Jeez. Ask me something then!'


'Something only we'd know.'

'Oh shut the fuck up. I'm fed up. This is some prank. It even made me cry. I never cry. If you tell anyone I cried, I slit your throat, and you know I'm not kidding. And I'll never ever forgive you if you tell Arren. I'll never hear an end from his jokes if he found out I cried.' I shouted in the boys face. Not Sam's. This boy just had Sam's face. He was not Sam.

'. . .Who is Arren?' His voice suddenly switched to serious.

'A friend, not that it's any of your bussiness.'I mumbled, sitting up.

'Hurm. I suppose it's not seeing as I'm totally not Sam Everwood.'

'Yup. Now piss off, I'm tired and mad.'I muttered, pushing him away with such force that he fell off the edge of the bed.

'Sam, please come back to the car. I have some bussiness to attend to tonight though.' A soft, yet cold voice called through my doorway.I froze. No way, what was a Shadow doing at Vikrum Academy?!

I slowly stood up and bowed, I darent look up.

'Yes, master.' The boy said glumly before flashing me a quick grin, 'I think I'll enjoy our visits here better now.'

'.  ..I'm sorry about Sam.' The regal man with deep purple eyes apologised without a hint of remorse. I nodded curtly, closing the door after they left. I sank to the floor.

No fucking way. This wasn't even possible.  ..Sam was supposed to be dead. . .


The End

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