I sighed, knowing Avalon was no doubt doing something reckless. For all the character and bravery she had, she really was quite immature. I sank onto my bed, shutting my eyes but the burning desire to get on Lilianna’s good side kept me from relaxing. With another sigh, I stood, making my way towards the room she shared with Garret and a girl called Hazel, who I believed I had run into before but only briefly. I ran possible conversations through my head as I walked, every inch of me imitating my father in thinking ahead in place of blindly charging into a debate. Which was, of course, when I saw Lilianna racing off towards the woods. I followed her a while til we were outside, not wanting to run the risk of running into another vampire.

"What are you racing from?” I asked curiously once I had caught up with her.

She span, coming face to face with me. "Nothing" she stuttered, "Well, nothing that concerns you"

"Perhaps I can help"

"You can’t"

She looked away and I bowed my head a little. "As it is, I was just on my way to find you. I wish to apologise for my behaviour earlier"

"No need, I don't care" she said looking away, her anger written on her face.

"Clearly" I said, smirking a little.

She turned to face me once more, pushing me back into a tree. I braced myself, flinching a little but was otherwise unharmed by her violence. "Stop joking. This is no time for jokes" her eyes shone a bright amethyst in the light, angered tears cascading from her eyelashes.

I bowed my head again. "My apologies once more"

She let go of me and turned yet again, wrapping her arms around her stomach while sucking in deep gasps of air. It was a very strange sight to behold.

"Are you okay?"

"No. What the hell is wrong with me?"

I watched her curiously, wondering what exactly she meant by it.

"I hate this" she whispered.

"Hate what?"

"Everything. The whole vampirism. It sucks" she shouted in my face and I shrugged. Not only did I not have much of an opinion in regards to being a vampire but I was also taught never to raise my voice at a lady. Though frankly the behaviour I had seen from Lilianna was hardly ladylike. "Then my damn father had to come along"

"Your father?" There was a Shadow here?

"Yeah, I'm apparently the daughter of the famous Theodore "she pulled out the necklace that I’d seen her drop earlier, “No wonder I got to be part of the Shadows"

I nodded. "Interesting"

She rolled her eyes and I watched her curiously again.

“What?” she asked.


She looked at me with interest in her eyes and I smiled a little. She walked off a little and I followed her, not entirely sure why.

"I've always hated my powers. Infiltrating someone’s mind makes me feel slightly horrible"


"That’s the reason, despite my father, I got into the Shadows. Why do you want to be part of them?" she asked, turning to face me, her arms folded across her chest.

"Why not?" I shrugged.

"You won’t get in without a reason. I actually went to a meeting once. Freaked the hell out of me. Haven't been to another since..... that poor girl" her voice quietened as she spoke, finishing as merely a whimper.

"What happened?"

"Sworn to secrecy, sorry" she shrugged.


"Blood oath. They make sure its proper. You can’t leave once you've joined. You can be kicked out.... you can't leave" she said and I nodded, expecting as much. "Still wanna join?"

I looked at her, trying to keep my mind blank. "Whether or not I join has no effect on me. I was merely curious, as most are"

"Liar. Mind reader here" she said, waving her hand. "Now, honestly, why do you want to join?"

"Does it not seem fitting that a descendant of one of the first vampires should be a member of the Shadows?"

"There are several. Next reason"

"I stand by my first reason"

"Won't get you in but.... I'll take you to a meeting anyway"

I smiled, feeling somewhat proud with myself for making it that far. "You know, your eyes are very interesting"

"Purple eyes signal power in my family line"

"I'd thought as much"

"Town Centre. 8 o'clock. Don't be late" she said, and walked off.

The End

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