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Okay, maybe I should of screamed or possibly mentally paralyzed him. The moment Avalon left with a slam of the door I might add there was a knock. I sighed getting to my feet leaving Hazel and Garret sitting on opposite ends of the sofa in awkward silence. When I opened the door I froze.

I was captured by dark bloody looking purple eyes. I almost fell back but Garret having raced over with Hazel caught me. "H-How may I help you?" I stuttered feeling weak.

The man who looked in his 30's and very powerful. All I could sense is his mind was power. "You've grown" the man said with a hint of a smile. Only a slight twitch of the edge of his lips showed that.

"Huh?" I said completely dumb founded. I was distracted by the absense of thoughts in his mind. No thoughts only power.

"Don't I know you?" Hazel whispered.

"Possibly" the man replied.

"What do you want?" I ask almost demanding finally standing on my own.

"To see you"


"Shouldn't you be more polite to your father?"

Hazel gasped while I felt like I had been knocked into a pit of confusion. Head aching, stomach churning confusion. "I know who you are now. You're Theodore"

"That is quite right" he said with a nod towards Hazel. He turned his eyes to me but I was unmoving. I knew who Theodore was. I knew he came from a full blooded line dating back to the first vampire. I knew that, if there was a chart, he'd been in the top five of most powerful vampires.

There were so many ways I had thought up about when I finally met my dad. How I reacted wasn't one of them. I raced past my 'father' and ran down the corridor with one destination in mind. I didn't care that Hazel and Garret calling after me or my 'father' politely excusing himself to follow me. I wasn't going to let him find me. I raced to the wood off to the north of the school and hid of among the trees my breathing heavy.

"What are you racing from?" I span to find myself face to face with, who else but, Arren.

The End

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