Yes, I'm Violent. Yes, I'm angry, oh and, yes, I do hate you.Mature

I sat there, up against the wall, quietly seething. What?! How?! She caught me off guard! No one has ever managed to throw me before! EVER!



'You look pissed.'

'I am.'

My short answers were enough to show Arren that I was feeling a lot more than just angry. I was worse than furious. I was feeling a little drunk of these raging emotions. I was me who used to violence. Not a little squirt(.  .not that I can talk, but still. . .) who looks like she hasn't had a drink in weeks.

'Argg!' I screamed, slamming my fist on the floor.

'You should calm down.' Arren muttered, running a hand through his hair, looking a little tired.

'How can I?! That little.  .'

'Little? Your one to talk.' He chuckled. I shot him a death glare.

'You! I request, no I demand you be my friend. Your strong, sarcastic and clever!' I burst out in the heat of the moment. He looked taken aback for a few seconds before raising his eyebrows and rolling his eyes.

'Your one of those people who can be totally frank with other people, aren't you?'


'Why do you want to be friends?'

'I already said. Your clever, strong and funny.' I said, looking him straight in the eye.

'Um.  ..' Hah! I'd made the cynical, sarcastic, Arren Matthews. . .speechless!

'Well then?'

'Fine.' He chuckled, looking like he had no idea what he was doing or getting in to.

'Don't worry. I'm not going to sent you off as my hitman or anything(possibly).' I laughed coldly, 'now goodbye, Arren. I have some bussiness to attend to.'

'. ..Are you going to do what I think your going to do?'

'Whatever could that be, Arren?' I said, laughing.

'I guess I don't have any right to stop you.' He said, raising his eyebrows again. He then put his hands in his pockets and walked off towards the boys' dorms.

I stood up, brushing off my butt and licking my grazed elbow.


I stormed towards the dorm in which Hazel, Garret and Lilianna lived. I kicked the door open, not caring that I was wearing a skirt. All three of them were sat on the sofa's located in front of the TV.

'Um. . .couldn't you have knocked?' Lilianna asked, but she wasn't joking. She was being deadly serious.

'Sorry, not my style.'I grunted, tugging on the hem of my skirt and pulling up my socks.

'What do you want, Avalon?' Hazel asked coldly, standing up.

'I want? I want to give you a peice of my fucking mind. How dare you floor me! You say you'll tell the head? Then I'll retort back, 'cause all I did was talk to someone and simply stretch my neck bacause it was aching. And you suddenly sprung out of no where and threw me. Oh yeah, and you can probably guess y now that I really, honestly dislike you three and also guess that I don't really let much go once I take an interst in it.'

'Your a freaking psycopath.' Garret snarled at me, standing next to Hazel.

'Yup. I already knew. ut sadly, I'm not one by law 'cause I don't take meds.' I snickered at my own wit, 'anyway, I hold my grudges. And you better be prepared, 'cause I hold them for many years. And. . .um. I thought I break it to you two'cause you can't seem to guess, I think you two like eachother.' I laugehd freely, pointing at Garret and Hazel.

They looked at eachother and turned a little pink. Garret coughed and turned his face back to stone.

'Byebye!' I smiled sweetly, before skipping off. While they stood there, all their defences down, I span around swifly, jumping into the air, landing softly onto my feet before throwing my all my force into a punch which smashed into Hazel's face, her nose made a weird, crunching noise. She grunted and her expression changed from girly to a little scary.

I laughed again and walked out of the room and to my own. Leaving behind the three idiots who had dared meddle in my affairs.

The End

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