We laid there in the sun. I felt like a cat just basking and soaking in all the rays that came my way. It was so soothing with the wind blowing at me creating the perfect temperature.

Garret and I skipped school together that day. It was an amazing few hours we spent together. We took our shoes off as we walked in the shallow end of the water.

Constant glances were given, each filled with so much emotions and so many kept secrets. Slowly, they began to unravel and I understood him better. I understood not only how be grew to become who he is, but lots more.

When we walked twice around the pond we sat down on the little abandoned dock. Our feed dangled only inches away from each other. We watched the dragonflies flutter across the pond, dancing almost. We laughed and I had seen the one side of Garret I hadn't before. The one that could smile at you and you knew that he would be the bestest person for you that he could be.

I sat there alone while Garret went back and got us some lunch. He was only gone for a minute and when he came back, he had lunch all ready. I smiled as he came back to join me. We each ate a nice sandwich and talked some more.

Soon, not only did school end, but the day was about to end too. The sun began to set and as it did, so did my heart. It sank down into a comfortable place where I really did find peace. It was unimaginable peace for a Vampire like me. I felt like my life was being put back together again. Everything was being set in place as we shared more smiles and tears, happiness and sadness. It was like out emotions were linked. The sun had finally sank and at last. It was Saturday.

We laid down in a nice patch of grass. We counted the stars and we watched the moon and had moments where I just wanted to stay there... with him, forever.

I rested my head on his chest as I felt his heart beat in sync with mine. In unison. I wrapped his arms around me when a chilled breeze blew by and he made me laugh when he could feel me thinking about sad thoughts.

Then, reality hit, "Hey," someone called. I instinctivly stood up and Garret along with me. "What are you doing here," someone called.

"I could ask the same thing." I said giving the guy a look that said 'what the hell'.

"I always come here," he smiled, "It's nice huh?"

"Yeah, it is, but we have to go. You can have this place all to yourself," Garret sounded irritated.

"My name's Dane by the way," he said as we walked past him.

"It's nice to meet you Dane," I smiled. "I'm Hazel."


We got back to out little house where we found Lilianna sleeping on the couch with the T.V. on. I took the remote and clicked it off. I slipped a nearby blanket over her and smiled.

Then I smiled at Garret giving him a reassuring pat, "I'm going to take a shower." I said making my way towards the bathroom.

"Hazel," he called out. I turned at the sound of the only voice I had really heard that day. "I really hope you fell better," he smiled a smile that I had to grin back at.

"Yeah, I do."

The End

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