I sighed as I watched Avalon speed off somewhere. We weren’t exactly friends, but for some reason I felt bad for what had just happened. Whatever had just happened. I hadn’t really been paying that much attention, too busy thinking about Lilianna. It was almost difficult for me to believe that a half breed such as her could have any connection to The Shadows. I’d been told stories of The Shadows as a child from both my mother and father, and both my sister and I knew that by becoming a part of them, we would bring honour upon our family. I suppose that’s why I reacted the way I did. Had I known before I would have handled the situation with much more class.

I waited maybe an hour before deciding to go after Avalon first. As much as the urge to question Lilianna more about her necklace and to initiate that change in circumstances with Garret, I had to apologise for earlier. Which would be a lot easier if I knew exactly what it was I’d done. I followed her scent as it wound its way out to the woods around the academy, finding her sat in a tree. I looked up at her, unsure as to whether or not she’d seen me.


"Go away!"

"No. I've come to apologise"

"For what, dipshit? If you thought I was crying, you were wrong!" Such unsavoury language coming from such a young mouth.

"I meant no offense earlier. But clearly I upset you in some way or another and for that I am sorry"

"S'okay" she said, jumping down from the tree branch she’d been sat on, "I just get touchy around that subject"

I smiled a little, trying my best to be friendly. I’d learnt to keep my friends close and my enemies closer but I wasn’t quite sure what to class Avalon as.

"What you smirking at?"

I held up my hands in defence. "I was merely trying to be friendly"

"Pah! You? Friendly?! Don't make me laugh!"

She sat under the tree and I chuckled a little. "Believe it or not, I am more than capable of being nice"

"Hmm, gotta see it to believe it! And so far, I haven't seen anything!"

I sat with her, resisting the urge to slide of my shirt and bathe in the warm sunlight. "Well, I've apologised for earlier. Surely that's a start?"

"I guess so, but why do you keep on talking to me? Don't I piss you off?" she asked and I shrugged, earning myself a glare. "Shruggin’? You seem to have a new shitty answer every time we meet!"

I laughed and she smirked. "I could ask you the same question, you know?"

"About what? How awesomely mysterious I am?" she snickered and I smirked.

"About why you continue speaking to me"

"Well I can answer that one easy! It's because you’re interesting. Your views towards the human race are much alike to my own."

I looked at her curiously. "And what makes you think that? As far as I remember, I never informed you of my views towards the human race"

"I hear things." She said, imitating the very same words I had said to her just days before.

I laughed a little. "And just where did you hear these things?"

"Ummm... In my head? Nahh, you just seem to... dislike them"

I turned my gaze to the sky, glancing at the wispy clouds gently rolling across the deep blue skyline, before shutting my eyes. "I wouldn't say I dislike them, but I am all that fond of them"

"They're all killers at heart. Some of them are worse than us." Avalon said, her expression turning icy.

"I know the feeling"

"Had a run in before? With a human, I mean?"

"Yes. Well, not when I was old enough to remember it, at least"

"What happened? I'm just being nosy, it's not like I'd feel sorry for you or anything"

I opened my eyes again, staring into the wide expanse of the sky as the clouds slowly drifted from sight. "I've lived here all my life but I wasn't born here. I was born in Toronto. Vampire hunters killed my brother and my parents moved here when they tried to kill me as well"

Avalon looked a little sheepish as she spoke "Well, sucks to be you, I guess, and I may as well tell you my story in return..." she looked away, taking a deep breath before continuing, "We were on a school trip to London and me and my boyfriend, Sam, went off together to go sightseeing, but we got lost and when you add two uncoordinated people together it only means disaster! But then this human ran out screaming at us... And staked him directly through the heart. The insane human just kept yelling, 'serves you bloodsuckers right! You all need to die!' How the fuck she knew we were vampires, I don't know" she looked down at her feet.

"It's in the eyes"

"Really? Humans can read vampiric traces even if they’re not trained?"

I nodded. To an extent, anyway. "Vampires... Our eyes are cold in comparison to a human's. They seem almost unnatural to them"

"Heh, I thought I was pretty hot compared to humans" she said, smirking at her joke. I chuckled a little. "Bet you do too. Anyways how long must you spend on your hair every morning?!"

"About five minutes. Why?" I asked, kind of confused. What did my hair have to do with anything?

"Dude, your hair looks like a models... Along with your body and face, in fact, why don't you just go and be one?!"

"You flatter me" I laughed.

"I flatter most people before punching them” she said, smiling sweetly at me.

"How charming"

"You do flatter me." she sniggered and I winked casually at her. From a distance, it would’ve seemed as harmless a twitch in my eye. She looked away, biting her lip as a frown spread across her young features. "My throat really, really huuuuuuurts..."

"How come?"

"No idea, could it be that my fifteenth is coming up...? If so, I hope it doesn't feel like this all the time being a dull vampire..."

I shut my eyes again. "You have no idea" I said that more to scare her than anything. I’d been told countless things to expect, all of which had been a lie to scare me. What can I say? It’s good for the soul.

"Want a sip? My supply of blood is never ending" she said and I opened my eyes to see her holding out her wrist to me.

"I fed this morning" I said, shaking my head.

"Your loss." And with that she bit into her wrist, drinking a little of her own blood. “Hmm, tastes okay."

I smiled, shutting my eyes again and undoing my shirt a little so the golden rays of the sun could reach my chest. I could feel Avalon’s curious eyes on me, a question hanging on the end of her tongue.

“Do you tan or burn?” she asked eventually.



The End

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