Spilling the SecretMature

'Gughh.' I grunted as I sat up, I'd been asleep allllllllll through Humanity Education. It was shit anyway, like I gave a crap about humans. Their all digusting. The lot of them!

'Avalon Lockwood. Stay behind after class.'The teacher called boredly from the front of the room.

'Jeez. . .'

So, after all the students had filed out of the classroom, snickering at my staying behind, the teacher sauntered up to my desk, frowning.

'Why is it, Miss Lockwood, that it's always you that falls asleep in one of the most important lessons?' He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

'Because humans are fucking boring.'

'No foul language in the classroom, please.' He snapped before his voice returned to it's calm state, 'I need a better reason or you'll have to take extra classes.'

'I'll skip them.'

'Honestly, Avalon. When Ebony Academy sent you here, they mentioned you were a problem child, but I didn't realsie you were this difficult.'

'I'm not a problem child. In fact, in a weeks time, I'm gonna be fifteen!' I delcaired, 'and anyway, humans are hated, it can't be helped. And I'm gonna be blunt with you, sir, but no one gives a shit about them; all we care is that they give us blood.'

'Those are really your feelings?' He asked quietly.

'Yeah. And I'll tell 'ya a secret, sir. My best friend was slaughtered my a human and that human didn't even show one sign of remorse. It didn't even go to any sort of prison, and that is exactly why, on my fifteenth birthday, I'm going to go hunt that bastard down and fucking kill him.'

'But you used to live in England, did you not?'

'Yeah, but I'm not as useless as I look, sir. I've been tracking him and lucky for me, he moved to America. I've got a week to find him and I'm pinning my hopes up on my current lead.' I boasted, a little proud of myself. This was the first time I had told anyone my secret and I'm quite sure this dude wasn't gonna tell anyone else.

'Your. . .really insane aren't you? Who was this friend?'

'Hardly a friend. He was my boyfriend and I'm going to get revenge.'

He stood there, shocked that our convorsation had gone from classwork to my deepest secrets.

I flounced out the classroom without another word and ran right into someone, falling over, my legs tangled up in a heap with theirs.

'Jeez, move it you dick!'I yelled, hitting what I thought was the other persons leg before the sharp pain registered with my mind, 'shit, that hurt!'

'Hmm. I seem to be running into more and more stories about you.'

'Matthews, huh? And what do you. . .wait. . .did you just hear all . . .of. . .fuck.  ..I'm such an idiot.'I cursed, feeling like I was going to cry, no one else was supposed to know! And Arren knew, of all people.

'To be quite frank with you, I think you should let go.'

'S'none of your bussiness!' I roared, hitting him hard on the top of his head, he rubbed it angrily.

'What's your problem, all you've done since we met is be rude to me! I was trying to be helpful!'

'I don't need any help! I DON'T WANT ANY HELP! I will avenge Sam's death! And I'll do it by my own power! I'm not helpless!' I screamed at him, even though I had no reason at all to be this angry, I wasn't crying. I never cry and I don't think I ever will. I calmed myself down and hissed in his ear as I went past, 'if you tell anyone about this, I'll eat you myself.'

He raised his eyesbrows sceptically, as though he didn't think I could do it. I glared at him and sprinted towards the dorms.

Shit! Shit! Shit! I got carried away then careless. . .

The End

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