A = Bad ThingsMature

Having a free period was fun, I thought as I hung upside down from a tree branch. Thats when my necklaces slipped out from beneath my shirt and I freaked out bigtime. I tumbled to the ground but not in time for a boy who just left the school buldng to have seen my necklace.

He stared dumbly as I span and began to walk away, hiding it. "Hey! You! Wait!" the boy shouts running after me but  I don't stop walking. "Hey, I said stop" the guy had merely lightly grasped my shoulder but unlucky for him my self defense kicked him and I threw him to the floor in moments.

"Don't touch me" I growl feeling my eyes flash purple. The boy merely glares and gets to his feet.

"Why have you got the sigh of the Shadows?"

"Who the hell are you?"

"I ask my question first"

"I was told never to talk to strangers"

"Just answer the damn question"

"Not till you tell me your name"

"Arren, okay?"

"Nice to meet you Arren. My name's Lilianna. To answer your question. My father gave it me" I say then turn to leave but this time he steps in front of me stopping me in my tracks. I feel anger shoot through me but merely sigh. "Let go"

"How did you get into the Shadows?"

"I didn't do anything. It was sent to me by my father and before you ask who that is. I. Don't. Know" I say then shove him out of my way. This time he lets me leave but I have a feeling this isn't over. In fact I know it isn't.

The End

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