"It's all right, I get where your coming from," I lightly smiled. "Come on. You need breakfast," She wiped her remaining tears away and gave me an unsure look. I could still feel a violent energy coursing through me as I walked Hazel to the cafeteria. Hazel, I sighed, you think it was bad almost biting me... A nervous shudder ran up my spine, I almost bit you in the fervor of your attack. A slight panicky feeling ran through my heart as she looked up to me. 

"Are you sure you're ok?" Hazel asked as she sat down. I gave her a weak smile and nodded, hiding my writhing emotions.

"I'm...fine. I'll go get us something to nibble on." I pushed her hair to the side and whispered in her ear. "We'll skip class today, there's something I want to show you." I turned away to grab breakfast, leaving a curious look in her once horrified eyes. It was early for breakfast with only a few other students occupying the large cafeteria. Most shot me glares or looks of disgust, I was back to being the kid everyone hated.

"Garret!" Lilianna's voice boomed behind me, causing me to spin around. She stood there half angry and half relieved. I bowed my head slightly.

"Lilianna, all I did was go for a walk. I did fine, the walls you put in my head are a bit cracked but they're holding," In my mind I finished 'barely'. Lilianna gave me a narrowed glare, she knew that a walk wasn't all that I had done. I turned from her and grabbed two trays of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I didn't have to explain to her where I'd been, she wasn't in control of me. As I walked back to where Hazel was sitting, I got the distinct feeling that Lilianna wanted to command me to tell her...but she never did. I set the trays down on the table and took my seat, Hazel just stared at the floor. 

"Hazel, please, you need to eat." She looked up and eyed her food with distaste. I nudged her shoulder, drawing her attention to my plate. A soft smile spread across her lips as she noticed my plate, I had childishly put a syrup smiley face on my pancakes. Wrapping my arm around her, I pulled her close, leaning my head against hers. The bloodlust snarled and pushed harder against my mental barriers, bite her! It shouted at me. I winced, ignoring the growing feeling of hunger and her exposed vein that was so close to my waiting fangs. 

"Hazel, I promise, there is nothing you could ever do to hurt me." I brought my arm back to my side and began to stuff breakfast into my mouth. More to keep myself from hurting  Hazel than anything else. Lilianna sat across from us, both her and Hazel began to eat their food. 

"So what happened?" Lillianna asked in between bites of eggs and bacon. Hazel kept her eyes on her plate and continued eating. 

"Hazel found me and made sure that I wasn't murdering anyone else." Lilianna began to protest but I shot her a venomous glare. Don't push it! She fell silent as I felt my eyes shift, momentarily, in warning. Averting my gaze, I finished what was left on my plate and waited for Hazel. She was quiet, methodically eating her food until nothing but crumbs remained. Placing a hand on her shoulder, I stood. 

"Hazel and I are gonna be...absent from classes today, if the headmistress comes looking for us..." I paused looking to Lilianna, grudgingly she nodded.

"I never saw you," she replied. I gave her a smile and lead Hazel out of the cafeteria. We walked the expanse of the campus and back to our rooms, Hazel needed to change out of her pajamas.


"So what is it that you want to show me?" she asked as I waited outside her bedroom door. I leaned against the wall and stayed silent, focusing on counting the rigs in the hardwood floor. "Garret?" she asked again, stepping out in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I just grinned and shook my head.

"Just follow me," I turned towards the door and stopped. "Do you trust me?" I asked emotionless. I could sense her confusion at the question, she probably thought the worst. "Do you trust me, Hazel?" I asked again, with a bit more urgency in my voice.

"Of course," she replied, stepping next to me, her blue eyes reflecting the light with a mesmerizing sparkle. I took her hand in mine and lead her out of the building. The outside air was filled the the chirping of birds and whistle of the wind. The morning sunlight just peeking over the horizon to caress us with it's warm rays. Other students passed us, most caught up in their own life, their own problems. Hazel finally seemed to be coming out of her shell, at least until we neared the gate. Her expression shifted and her eyebrows slanted. I stopped before we passed through the gates and into the human world. Do you trust me? my eyes asked. Concern filled her eyes but she nodded. I pushed open the gates and we  stepped through. It took about twenty minutes to get to what I wanted to show her. 

"Close your eyes," I whispered, she did. Taking her hand, I slowly lead her around the edge of a large pond and under a large old oak near the water's edge. The morning's sunrise caused light to cascade across the water and through the reeds like liquid crystal. "You can open your eyes now." Hazel peeked through one eye, then both shot open in amazement. The wind tousled the long grass as dragonflies buzzed through the air. It was the tangible version of peace. 

"Oh Garret..." She trailed off in awe. I wrapped and arm around her and held her close. 

"When I was a child, my mother would always bring me here. Whenever I was here I could never feel pain, nor sorrow, or anger, only peace." I laid my head on her shoulder, closing my eyes. "I had hoped this place would lift your spirits." Hazel shifted her head to look at me, a large smile spread across her lips. Whatever had been tormenting her when she attacked me...was gone. 

The End

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