Waking up to GarretMature

I slowly climbed out of bed walking werily to the dining room. I laid my head there for a little bit wanting to just go back to sleep, but that's when I smelled it. Blood.

"Damn!" I screamed getting up so fast my chair flew back and hit the wall behind me followed by complaints. "Lilianna!" I screamed running to her room with lightining speed. Sh was already awake and getting dressed.

She instantly read my mind, not needing to tell her anything I just threw a fid. "What the hell! You let him go?!" I screamed punching the wall. "Do you know what Head mistress will do to him if he is found outside without an escort?! No," I said rephrasing what I had just said. "Do you know what will happen to me if Garret is found outside without an escort?!" I screamed so angry that I didn't even give her time to respond.

I ran out the door with a loud 'bam' from the closing door. I ran around the whole campus five times before I found him. And he was ON HIS WAY BACK from somewhere. That did it. A morning Hazel is not something you want.

"Garret fucking Dawes! If Head mistress doesn't cut your head off," I screamed at the top of my lungs, "then I'll have to cut it off myself!" I screamed loosing every bit of control I had. I broke down all the walls I had up.

I revealed my fangs and gave a loud snarl. Garret backed away a little and I could see that he was indeed a little scared. "Woah," he said with his hands up, "Hazel, don't you want some breakfast? Something to eat?"

"I do, my breakfast just walked right into a shit load of trouble and just pranced onto my plate," I lunged for him. We rolled dawn the grass that was wet. It clung to my arms concidering the fact that I was wearing a tank and loose pajama pants. "Damn it Garret. I'll kill you even if your dumb ass doesn't!" I said getting on top of him. I went for his throat, but then I saw that the crimson color that was previously in his eyes were gone. All that was left in them were a dark dark brown now.

My grip on him loosened giving him the advantages, but by the time he pinned me against the wall, reality already hit me. 10 times harder than what I was getting from Garret.

My fangs hung out of my mouth as I could feel the heat in my eyes begin to fade as I knew my eyes were changing back to their normal color. Garret was breathing hard, but I could hardly breathe at all. He gazed into my eyes, his expression pained as if I had stabbed him with a knife.

I could feel my eyes get hot again, but this time... with tears. What have I done? The thing I was trying to hide all this time. It all came back. I cringed as I played back all the memories I had neatly stored in the back of my of my mind. All destroyed and wrecked. I slipped my fangs back into my mouth as I felt warm salty tears coming down my cheek.

"Hazel..." I head someone say. I glanced up. Hurt inside. My eyes searched Garrets. I searched them fiesrcly, but couldn't find what I was looking for. There was no sign of bloodlust. None. "Hazel," he ssaid in a firmer tone. His hands on my shoulders, still pinning me against the wall.

"Garret..." I said as my voice cracked. "Garre--" I couldn't take it. All the pain of my past just came rishing back. Those innocent lives taken by my hands. Those once bight eyes just fading and rolling back... all because of me, but no one knew what I did. No one truly knew what I was. A monster. Just like Garret, but worse.

I fell limp in his arms, but he caught me and brought me close to him where I cried for at least 30 minutes trying to put how I felt into words, but not even I could put them into something someone would understand. He just stood there holding me.

"We should head back," after listening to me whine and cry over myself, it was a wander how he didn't just say I was pathetic and walk away. He wipped away a couple more stray tears.

I shook my head and finally fell to the ground. Garret just followed me and sat besides me slipping an arm around my shoulder pulling me close to him. "It's okay," he said. I looked up at his eyes. "I get it," he said and I just started crying. Something I had been holding in since I was 12. almost 4 years. Life just kept getting harder as I went along. Letting it all out just felt so nice.

After another 15 minutes I finally calmed myself and smiled a little. "Garret... I haven't been treating you right. I'm sorry," I said.

"It's all right, I get where your coming from," he smiled. "Come on. You need breakfast," and I wipped away the last of my tears. Knowing that I wouldn't ever want to look back on this day again.

The End

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