I ran my eyes over this Garret kid. He wasn’t much, I’ll say that now. No wonder he was too weak to overcome the bloodlust. I hadn’t known he was a turned vampire but that just made it all the more pathetic. "Whether or not you are miserable means nothing to me. I merely came to see who had the whole school talking"

"And what do you think?" he said, watching me carefully.

"You're nothing special" I smirked.

He glared at me, sitting on the statue he’d been leaning on. "I never asked to be 'special'. It was not my choice to be controlled by the bloodlust. Nor was it my choice to murder my best friend!"

"So you claim"

"Claim?! What was there to claim?”

I chuckled a little. Was he really such a simpleton that he didn’t understand what I was implying? It was almost amusing. "Think about it. By claiming you didn't mean to kill her, the Red Council decided to spare your life"

He grimaced, flashing his fangs at me. "How do I prove that that it controls me?! The only way is to let me bite someone..." he trailed off, glancing away with a shiver. "That means it would take control and I'd kill again!"

I flashed him a friendly smile that showed off the tips of my ever present fangs, though the sentiment behind it was entirely fake. You don’t grow up the son of a democrat without learning to lie convincingly. "Well wouldn't that be a shame"

He scowled. "Not for you I'm sure. If you want a demonstration..." he said, jumping down from the statue and taking a step closer to me. "I'd be happy to show you."

I tilted my head, exposing my neck and knowing the veins would be subtly raised from the angle. "Go ahead. It might not be so wise to attack the son of a democrat who may have just spared your life, though"

His eyes shifted, turning completely crimson in colour but he remained where he was. "You have a parent on the Red Council?" I nodded, smiling, and he growled, taking a strained step backwards. I had a feeling that would work. "I doubt they voted for my life. Many wanted to see me staked and burned for did." He said, staring at my still exposed neck. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t trying to tempt him.

"I can't say I blame them"

He looked away, trying to calm himself down, and asked "Why is that?"

"Your kind have always brought shame upon vampires"

"My Kind?!" he spat, his attention snapping back to me.

"Yes, your kind. Turned vampires" Disgusting creatures. Most kill a human within their first few weeks and others used their new found vampirism to attract attention or get whatever they desire through seduction and false promises. At least, that was what I’d been told.

Garret ran his tongue along his fangs, narrowing his eyes. "I never chose to become a vampire! Someone made that decision for me. I never chose to have this bloodlust that controls me! I'm not going to act like a child and cry over it, I accept what I am. Whether your kind likes it or not!"

"Pity. I'm sure someone would be willing to put an end to your pitiful existence"

"How about you, Arren?" he said teasingly. "I wouldn't mind losing control to kill you." A sadistic grin spread across his lips. "Or do you not have the guts?"

I smiled, choosing not to give into his teasing as such. "By law I cannot kill you. But if the circumstances were to change and there were no other way to protect myself aside from... Well, I'm sure you get the picture"

"Yea, I do. I look forward to a change in circumstances.” He smiled back. I’m glad we’re both on the same page, here.

"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you" I said, putting on a fake nice voice. The voice of a politician.

Garret’s eyes shifted back to normal, the crimson resting in his irises. "The pleasure was all mine, I enjoyed our little conversation. I do hope we can have another one soon."

He faked a smile and I bowed slightly, remembering my manners even though I was speaking to a lesser being and turned to leave. Garret bowed his head slightly and I felt his eyes on me as I left, heading back to my room. I must admit, things had gotten rather interesting around here.

The End

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