I scuffed my shoes all the way back to my room. What a Brat! All I said was thank you and she exploded on me. You'd think if she was nicer people would like her more, sheesh! When I reached my the three person dorm that had become my room, I entered. Hazel and Lilianna were fast asleep on the couch, the Televison still playing the newest movie Inception. I cast a smile on them and then slowly retreated to my bedroom. It wasn't much different from my previous residence except that it had ten times the space and the bed was a lot more comfortable. Collapsing on the bed, I laid there, staring at the ceilings. Thoughts rushed through my head and bombarded my conscious.

Now that I wasn't insane, or at least I could control my bloodlust, what was I to do? Go to classes and live a normal life sounded all fine and dandy, but I felt a yerning. Not for blood but something else, it was indescribable. I picked up a picture frame from the nearby night stand. In the frame was a picture of a women with long brown hair and  sparkling green eyes. Hugging the women tightly was a child, around ten years old. My mother and I. Pain knotted in my chest as I replaced the picture. I missed my mother, I'd never dispute that but I wouldn't ever be able to see her again. Not because I was a Vampire, but because she died. About three months after the picture was taken. My father, well, he was never around, he left the day I was born.  

"Garret," I heard a sleepy voice mumble. My crimson eyes focused on the doorway. Lilianna stood there, her eyes half open as she yawned. I faked a smile and sat up.

"Yea?" Lilianna blinked and tried to rub the sleep from her eyes.

"Are you o.k? I...felt something. Over the mind link...I just thought I'd ask." I nodded to her and stood, zipping my hoodie up.

"I'm fine, promise." I passed her and walked out into the living room, Hazel snored quietly. "Hey, I'll see you two later. I'm going for a morning walk around the campus." Lilianna began to protest but I slid out the door and began walking. The courtyard was only five minutes away and at this time, I doubted anyone would be there. I took a deep breath of air in and leaned against the marble statue of a Chimera.

"Well if it isn't the murderous vampire everyones been talking about." My eyes opened into a glare as I focused on the voice's source. "I can tell you're him, the stench of blood reaks from you." The guy was a bit shorter than me, his hair had a messy look to it.

"And you are?" I asked coldly.

"None of your business." He sneered. "But I know who you are, everyone knows about you. Garret Dawes, the kid who can't control his bloodlust. Pathetic." Anger seethed under my skin as I stood.

"You must be Arren Matthews, rich prep and degenerate lover boy. How predictable that you'd be out here to tease me. Come to get enjoyment out of my 'supposed' misery?" Arren grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

The End

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