Size, Height and Flatchestedness.Mature

I flopped down on the bed which had been made for me, all my stuff had been unpacked for me, too.

I was also bringing two hundred and fifty dollars(double that in pounds!!) for feeding one greedy vampire.

I grinned to myself as I recalled meeting that arrogant Arren Matthews. Suuuuure, he was good looking as any other vampiric boy, but there was something interesting about him. Hurm. I wonder if I'll ever see him again? He was fun to piss off.

As for the Garret situation, I'm sure they'd find a suitible feeder for him, 'cause I sure as hell 'ain't doing it! Or I'd get severe blood-loss, the way he drinks. . .wait. . .is that even possile? oh. . .I wonder. . .?

knock knock

I huffed as I crawled off the extra comfy bed to answer the door. I looked through the little hole --I have no idea what it's called, I think I'll call it. .. "the peepy hole"?--- to see a disgruntled looking Garrent standing in the doorway. Sighing, I swung the door open.


'Uhumm. Thanks, for, y'know earlier.'He mumbled sheepishly.

'Heeeeeh? So even cynical teenage boys and thank people. I never though I'd see the say, 'I said uninterested in his thanks.

'No, I mean it. I probably wouldn't be here without your help. And I don't think I'm gonna kill someone again.' He muttered, looking at his feet. This guyreally wasn't good at this sort of thing, huh?

'Yeah, well, it's not like I actually wanted to feed a bloodthirsty kid who wasn't even born a vampire. And to be quite frank you, I just did it for the money. And even if you did need blood again, I wouldn't give you it. 'Cause your situation is boring as fuck now.' I laughed meanly. He stood there, quite shocked for a second, as though he didn't think a girl of my height would knock to words out of his mouth.

'Whatever, they told me to be nice anyway. S'not like I actually wanted to say thanks to a little miget like yourself!' He snickered before walking off in the oposite direction, I stood there, my fist's clenched so hard my nails were drawing blood from my palms.

'I'M NOT SMALL! I'M NEARLY FIFTEEN!' I burst out, panting with anger.

'Hah! So it is remarks on your size, height or flat-chested -ness that piss you off!' A voice chuckled from the other side of the hallway, my head snapped to the left and I saw a Arren Matthews with a huge smirk on his face.

'I'm not flastchested!' I yelled, slamming the door.

Great, now that annoying dude lived at the bottom on my hallway. Lovely, no really. Thankyou for putting his room THERE. Jeez, I think I'll order a room change . . .

The End

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