The high councel usually take votes. Since there was an odd number of people, they usually didn't have a problem. The vote came in 5 minutes after we left.

"Garret Dawes," the messanger said. "The councel has voted and has agreed that you should be let go, but you are to be put on behavour watch. That means that someone will ahve to watch over you at all times." he concluded his 'lovely' speech and walked away.

Our Head mistress came up to us and nodded. "You heard what he said. And as of now, I don't believe that Garret has made any new friends except you and Lilianna," she spoke to me and I nodded. "So Hazel," she said looking a little apologetic. "I have requested that you be moved into a bigger room. It is closer to campus though and I would like for Lilianna and Garret to be moved in with you." I kept smiling even though I gave a loud sight in my mind. "I know it will be weird for a farmare and 2 strifes living together, but I'm sure everything will work out." she smiled and I knew she didnt take no for an answer.

"Okay," I said giving her a bow as she left. I turned around and faced Lilianna and Garret. "All right," I started. "First off, let's get moved in. Then I think we need to talk to Garret about some ground rules," I glared.

Head mistress Claire showed us our new room.

Walking into it and saying 'I'm shocked' is more of an understatement. The 'room' was HUGE! It had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with showers, a large kitchn plus a living room I could kick my feet up in and actually relax in. There was a game room included (which is rare because us Vampires usually don't play video games of any sort), and then there was a nice dining room.

All out jaws were on the ground once we had explored out little house. I'm so glad Vampires are usually rich.

I threw myself on the leather couch and looked out the window. It was nearly dawn. I yawned as I stood up. "Now," I said with an evil grin. "We pick rooms."

I walked over to where both Lilianna and Garret were standing and mentally braced myself then I quicky uttered, "First come first serve!" I scream as I ran into the room I had desired. Lilianna quickly made her way to the room next to mine and Garret across from her's.

"Haha!" Lilianna burst out laughing. "We all got the rooms we wanted!" Even Garret cracked a smile.

We spent the next 2 hours unpacking all our stuff. Sure, we had to go back and het some things that we needed, but besides that... we were probably as comfortable as we were in our originaly dorms!

"Man, I love the Vampire life," I said as Garret and Lilianna peeped into my room.

"I opened one eye only to see them walk into it and made their way onto my rug that was neatly spread across the middle of the room.

I came to join them and sat down comfortable. "All right. Now that we're all settled we need to establish some things." I numbered them off on my fingers. "Garret now has a curfue," I said and Lilianna nodded in agreenment. "No later than 11 p.m." I said.

"Sounds fair," Garret said with a smile.

"Okay, number two." I continued. "If you do leave you may not go to the city unless me or Lilianna escort you." I didn't give Garret time to agree or disagree. "Number three. You are to only feed on the feeders at the feeder area and you cannot kill them." I said my once happy face turned serious. "Are you clear on that?"

"Yes ma'am!" he said sarcastically.

"Great!" I said getting up. "I brought some chips and movies over. Who wants to have a movie night," I winked putting everything that had happened today behind me. Not wanting something like that to ever happen to the ones I cared about. I smiled as we all laughed the rest of the night away.

The End

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