I sat at a table in the corner of the local McDonald’s. I’d heard a new student was facing judgement from the Red Council for murdering a human and today was the day he would present himself to them and beg for his redemption. I had no pity for him. We had all had to deal with the temptations that came with blood, and he was no exception. I turned the page of the book I was reading, ignoring the large portion of fries that sat on the table, growing colder by the second.

I looked up as the heady scent of vampire drifted past me, standing out against the sweaty smell of grease. I watched as a small girl with light ginger hair sat down to eat, a chicken nugget happy meal displayed proudly in front of her. She seemed to notice me look up but didn’t react, too busy shovelling food into her mouth. I watched her, almost enchanted by the thick smell of blood that hung on her skin. She had to have fed recently for it to be that strong.

"Dude, are you going to keep staring at me the whole time I eat?" she asked, sounding pissed off.

"Sorry, squirt" I chuckled.

". . .You. . .you just called me 'squirt', didn't you?" she said in a hushed voice before yelling "I'll have you know, I'm two weeks off becoming a full vampire!!"

I gritted my teeth as several humans shot her weird looks. I strode over to  her, intent on teaching the foolish child a lesson.

"It would be wise to keep such matters to yourself" I hissed quietly.

She snorted and started eating again. "S'not like the HUMANS are gonna HEAR me talk about HOW WE ARE VAMPIRES!" she said, sniggering as more people stared.

I shot her a glare.

"Anyway, what's a pretty-boy vampire like yourself doing in. . . McDonalds of all places. You'll lose your good  looks and get all spotty and yucky --not that I care you could do with a ugly face"

I chuckled.  "I'm not exactly here for the fries, if you catch my drift"

"Hmm. Well, I have a slight itch to kill your buzz. . ." she laughed insanely for a few seconds before yelling "Ew! No way! You sicko! Stop hitting on underage teens!"

I rolled my eyes. "Stupid girl"

She laughed again. "Who're you callin' a stupid girl, pretty-boy? I reckon you could pass for one too." She stood, "anyway, it was nice talking to ya, but I really can't be bothered with big-headed vampires right now"

"Big-headed? Oh, you flatter me" I smirked.

"No, I'm serious. Look at the size of that thing, I can practically see it inflating with every sentence."

I laughed as she smirked, apparently amused with herself.

"And what might your name be?" I asked curiously.

"And why would I give you the pleasure of that when I could keep you guessing?"

I smiled sweetly. "Or I could save us all time and effort and invade the school records" It’s not like I hadn’t done it before.

". . .Fine. My name is Avalon Lockwood. What 'bout you?" she asked, drinking the rest of her coke.

"Arren Matthews"

"What a boring name."

I smirked.

"Do you go to Vikrum orhave you left already?"

"I'm in my final year"

"Hmm. I haven't seen you around, d'you have exams or something?


"'Probably'? what sort of an answer is that?

"I hardly go to lessons" I smiled.

"Are you mentally challenged?" she asked, fake concern ripe in her voice.

"Quite the opposite"

"Heh, you from a rich family or somthing?Nnever met anyone so confident in their intelligence

"My social standing has no relation to my intelligence. But since you asked, my family aren't in short supply of money"


She walked out of the door, beckoning for me to follow her with a finger. She led me a little way away from the fast food restaurant before turning and asking me "Do your parents have famous jobs or something?"

"And why should I tell you?" I said casually.

"Because I wanna know and you really don't have any reason to refuse me."

"On the contrary, I do"

"By what law?"

"So far you haven't done much but insult me. And since we aren't friends or business partners, I therefore have no obligation to tell you anything"

"...Damn, you got me there. So I should take my leave seeing as your a boring little git"

"Perhaps we could come to some agreement"

"What do you want?"

"Why do you smell so strongly of blood?"

"Dammit. No avoiding this, my power is an abundant supply of blood and I've recently been used as a feeding booth for a crazy, bloodletting vampire"

"The one on trial?"

"How do you know about the trial?" she asked sharply.

"I hear these things" I shrugged.

"How can you come to know these things...? Oh, nevermind. I've told you, now you tell me!"

"My father is a member of the Red Council and my mother is descended from one of the first vampires" I said without emotion.

"You don't seem too thrilled about this, though” she said, sitting down on a bench. I just shrugged. "I need to go back to school, fancy joining me?"

"Why of course" I smiled.

"Hurrah! But before, I need some chocolate!" she pointed at a candy store, "Lets go there!"

I laughed but went with her anyway. She bounded into the shop like a toddler, heading straight for the guy serving.

"I wan’...cinder toffee... pear drops...and two slabs of Thorntons chocolate!"

I shook my head a little, still laughing, and she looked at me.

"What?" she asked.


"Hmm..." she said, paying for her candy. "Let's be off, then!"

I nodded and the two of us headed back to the academy together.

The End

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