Stupid TrialMature

Because I had insisted to sit and watch the trail from the back as my payment(as well as some money. . .), they had to arrange it for me.

I sat said there, my chest rising and falling quickly, my eyes widened to a point of pain, I nearly choked on disgust.

This boy, who'd drank from me . .. was kind of sick. Even though he had given us the long, detailed and winding speech on the death of that chick from his past, I honestly could not pity this boy one bit.

Garret Dawes. That's gotta be a name to mention to my grandchildren. I can imagine it now, them asking me why he did it and me replying, "because he was insane with bloodlust."

I didn't think a turned human could go this crazy, it made my heart pound just looked at that anguish plastered on his face. Tears streaked his cheeks and his eyes were squeezed tight shut.

I had a distinct feeling that my blood was going to be needed in future for this boy. But I'm not sure I want to give it to him. As I stared at him, he opened his eyes and caught my glance, a pleading look filled up his eyes and I frowned, was his bloodlust taking over again? He looked like he was about to burst and kill everyone on the council. But if he did that, he'd be put to death almost certainly. I pulled a peice of gum from my pocket and shoved it into my mouth, shrugging a little.

I made a slight grunting noise as I thought, screw 'im. It's his own fault, what do I care? I'll just keep on spying until something really exciting happens. 'Cause I know he's not going to be killed. I know that for sure. . .but, if he needs my blood again, he can go ahead and take it; if he want to be beaten to a bloody pulp. Anyway. .  .yes, I shal observe this amusing situation before I take action.

I snickered to myself, earning a glare from one of the council members. I smirked even more, if only they knew what was going on in my head.

I shrugged again before scooting my chair back quietly, pulling my hoodie around my shoulders.

A few people looked back and Garret frowned at me, like he thought I was staying or something. I gave him a look that said, "you wish, mate. I want food."

I mean real food, like a McDonalds or something along the lines of unhealthy, fast food. Not blood. I'm not 15 yet. . . But I will be in a few weeks time. I can tell .. .I can tell my bloodlust is starting to awaken, 'cause I'm having my steaks practically raw nowerdays.

'Trail, smial.' I mumbled as I opened the door and exited the Red Council court room in search of a Maccy-D's. There must be one close by, I mean, this is where it origionated for heavens sake.

And so, my quest for fast food began.

The End

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