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"All right," I said sitting on his bed. My world grew lighter and my skin regained its color. The bloodlust hid itself, satisfied. Lilianna, Hazel, and Avalon entered the room a bit uneasily. That's what happens when you spend five days in solitary, you learn to become accustomed to the darkness."What's the plan?" I asked feeling warmth in my gut and a tingling throughout my body. Hazel jumped as the cells door shut behind them, cloaking everything in black. 

"Give it a moment," I murmured. Flickering candle light began to burn and fill the room with a more bearable light. The others looked around at my quarters, their unease put to rest. 

"Alright," Lilianna started "Our goal is to convince the Red Council that you should be allowed to roam around school grounds." My eyebrow twitched. 

"And the human world?" Hazel narrowed her eyes at me. 

"Don't even think about it! If you even dare think about going out there without an escort, you're dead wrong!" I held my hands up defensively, it was so good to have their company around. I felt as though I was alive again.

"So convincing the Red Council that I'm not a cold hearted murderer? Awww and I was having so much fun in this cell." Hazel stood, her fist raised. I busted out laughing, which seemed to calm her nerves. "I'm kidding, I promise! So, Lilianna how am I gonna convince them. I'm sure that they're already set on a guilty verdict, which includes my not so pretty execution." Hazel butted in as Lilianna began to speak. Avalon watched the entire conversation with disinterest.   

"You're going to use your defensive speech against them. Take each one of those council members back to that cold night. Use details and don't hold back, but in the end I want you to capitalize on the fact that they too have killed. It doesn't matter if they were turned or born, young or old. It happens even to the best of vampires, unfortunately when it comes to just have a really bad bloodlu-" I sharply held up my hand. 

"Hazel, I may have just fed moments ago but don't underestimate that it can't come back. I know it will, which is why I worry about the trial. If it takes control of me then, I'm screwed!" Lilianna grinned mischeviously. 

"Thats why I'm going to use a special trick to keep it at bay." I cocked my head at the statement, what? She approached and placed her fingers on either side of my skull just like before. Her eyes closed slowly and her presence entered my mind. 

"I going to put up walls in your mind, it is your will that will keep these walls standing. If you cannot do that, then you are truly doomed." I felt small pricks in my skin as all the pain, the darkness, and lust was swept aside. Locked behind large walls in my mind. Her fingers released me and she retook her seat next to Hazel and Avalon.

"Thank you, all of you. If you three hadn't come, well I probably would be digging my own grave and sleeping in it."


Last Day of Garret Dawes's Trial...

The thirteen head vampires sat on the edge of the room, their eyes watching me with anger and disgust. I sighed, tough crowd. The area with I was forced to occupy was a six foot by six foot pen known as the corral. It allowed for movement but not escape. The leader of the thirteen stood, his chiseled features had a gaunt look in the chamber room's light. 

"Garret Dawes, this Council has reviewed all evidence concerning the murder of an innocent human girl. This crime was perpetrated by you alone. We have received your statement of Innocent due to an uncontrollable bloodlust and yet you stand before us, almost normal." I pressed my hands of the edge of the corral and grinned. 

"If I were standing before you, crazed as I was on that might kill me on the spot." I shrugged and began to pace. The council leader continued. 

"No matter, as the law states the council must give the accused a day to say anything that might absolve them of their crimes. So Garret, do you have anything to tell the council?" I nodded, my eyes catching sight of my friends in the audience rows high above. The room itself resembled a theater. 

"Yes, I do." I cleared my throat and paused for a moment. The walls in my mind were beginning to strain. Hold on, just make it through this! I'm not hungry, not now! I howled in my mind. The bloodlust shifted and roared pushing harder on my mental barriers. I began my speech, hoping I could hold out. 

“I had a great speech all worked out, full of some sharp sayings and witty comments. But I'm not going to give that speech. I'm here to apologize, as I am young and I am inexperienced. You see, in all this bickering and hatred towards me, something has gotten lost. And that something is the truth.” The council members watched me, their attention locked on my restless movements.

“Now, I know all of you council members may know the truth, but to actually understand it? You need to take a walk in my shoes. A friend of mine taught me that, that same friend that ended up dead in a human alleyway. What is it that this council seeks? Is it truth or retribution? Revenge for something our minds can’t stand and our hearts desire.” Some of the members broke eye contact, looking away or to the floor.

“Now I want to tell you a story. I'm gonna ask you all to close your eyes while I tell you this story. I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to your hearts not your minds.” They closed their eyes and bowed their heads. My throat chocked up and tears bordered on my eyes.  

“This is a story about a young girl walking home from some friendly place on a cold July night. I want you to picture this girl. She decides that she is going to take a short cut home, while talking on a cell phone. She’s young with long blonde hair and sparkling sapphire eyes. She hears something behind her but she thinks it’s just the wind. She pockets the cell phone and takes a breath of the sweet night air. The noise becomes louder and she turns. Imagine all the shock in her eyes when her friend, who she thought was dead, is standing before her. And yet something is different about her friend; his eyes a deep crimson red, an animalistic hunger within them. His skin as pale as the dead.”

“She’s so happy to see him until she sees the long pearly white fangs adorning his mouth. Her eyes widen in fear and surprise, vampires were only supposed to be a fable. Like the werewolf or the boogyman, now she knows they’re all too real.” The tears began to pour down my face, the bloodlust starting to break through the walls. No, stay back! I yelled in my mind, quieting the unending hunger. This is my fight! Not yours!

“Her lungs dig deep for air, as an unendurably sharp pain strikes like lightning bolts. Her neck burns like fire, and her veins pump strongly. Her entire body trembles as she realizes she cannot escape. Her very lifeblood flowing from the two, small ruptures on her neck. Cold lips press against the pulsing wound, drafting her life. The two stay in that twisted moment until the harsh reality of gravity strikes the girl. The cold lips part from her exhausted veins.”

“She doesn’t know that he can’t control it, she doesn’t know that a demon resides within her friend. A demon that only appears whenever it senses the boy’s weakness. Her world grows cold and dark. The last thing she ever sees on this earth is her friend, her blood running down his face and he grins.” I stopped, it was so hard to speak. The memory as real as when I had been there. I looked up to Hazel and Lilianna. Both urged me on with comforting motions. I swallowed my pain and chocked my last words.

“Can you see that girl? Can you see her corpse? Now picture that the girl's killer, is you…” The council members all looked up, their eyes wide open in shock as the stared at me. Many were struck speechless. I just looked back at all thirteen of them, hoping they’d know where I was coming from.

“That’s all I have,” It took the head council leader a few moments to shake off the shock and nod his head. Giving orders to the guards to return me to my cell, until a verdict was reached. One more night alone, I just hope it was all worth it…  

The End

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