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"Well crap. That's a new one." I said as Avalon explained he abilities. "Even if you are  a Seeker it's still weird. Weird, but handy," I smiled. "So here's my deal with you Avalon. You help Garret with his blood lust and I will give you one thing. Anything you want and it'll be yours. As long as I can somehow get it, I'll let you have it." She then smiled, but then fell into deep concideration.

"Mmmm," she thought. The minutes ticked by and my patience was running out. The trial was in less than three weeks. We didn't have time and we needed to help Garret get over his bloodlust so he didn't go a looney in court. "I'll help you," she paused, "and I'll tell you what I want after I think about it."

"Deal!" I said and shook her nhand before she could change her mind, "But first you have to help us."

"Sounds fair," I could see her devilish smile and knew she had something big instore for us. "Oh boy." I murmured to myself.


We walked down to where Garret was being held. I've never really been down here, but for a prison cell, it seemed so isolated. There was just a big hung of metal with a person inside and a door that conicted that person to the outside world.

We walked up to the door and I casually said, "Garret."

I could hear him snap his head up and I knew I had his attention. "Is really you?"

"Yeah," I said as if I were talking to a creeper. "Look, we heard about your trial and stuff. Do we think your stupid? Yes. Do we think your you need some major healp? Yes. So why are we helping you? Because your still our frined no matter how mad you make us or how many people you kill." I frowned at him, but he smiled.

"Thanks," he said as I heard some more footsteps, "But you don't need to. I'm ready to accept my punishment."

"Ha!" I laughed. "Yeah, and you think we're gonna sit there through your trial and watch them bang that little hammer thing and say that you'll die tomorrow!" I got a little mad. "Look, I don't care if you want my help or not. You'll take it and you'll say 'thank you' because that's what people say when someone's trying to save their ass, okay?" I said not taking 'no' for an answer.

"Look, here's a Seeker," I said revealing the face that Avalon was here. "Her abilities allow her to reproduce blood at speeds that make her almost invincible." I said over exaggerating a bit. "The plan is, to let you drink from her until you're satisfied. Then we'll talk like normal civilized humans."

"What will that--" he started.

"NO!" I said ending his sentence. "We are not talking about this anymore. Either you accept this or we leave you here and you'll be digging your grave in three weeks time." I said.

"Okay," he said as they let Avalon into the cell. His eyes immediatly went dark as I searched his eyes. The blood lust that I knew was gone came back and he became a completely different self.

"Come here," he said as he grabbed Avalon with his hands and his fangs immedietly went to her throat as he began to drink. Avalon didn't seem to get any paler after about 5 minutes and she didn't even flinch. Her eyes just kept saying 'are you done yet?' over and over again until Garret was finally done. I let him calm down a little so that we could talk to him and know that he was in control.

"All right," he said sitting on his bed that was a little blury because it was so dark, as me and Lilianna made our way into his cell. "What's the plan."

The End

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