Nearing TrialMature


I stared at that menacing, cold metal door, not a single sound touched my ears. I was curled in the rooms empty far corner, tired from my hunger and constant pacing. The doctor was probably there or the guards but I stayed absolutely silent.

The image of the dead girl again popped into my mind…it connected to conflicting memories. Both love and lust, anger and happiness. I had been toying with questions that circled my head.

Would Hazel and Lilianna come to visit me? No, I am merely a burden upon those two. The only time I shall ever see them is at my execution, maybe. Soft footsteps approached my door, an intercom clicking to life.

“Garret?” The doctor asked, in a friendly way.
Silence is was my rebuttal. Should that man enter...I growled wishing that he was human so he would be silenced a lot easier. “Garret, I’m going to come in…” he said, almost as if asking my permission. Click, the door latch unlocked and it began to slide open. The rush of outside air extinguished the candle creating pure darkness, though I could still see clearly. He opened the door allowing darkness to ooze from the depthless room's confines. The room acted as though it were going to swallow any light that entered and beyond.

He was standing on the threshold between light and dark. A wise decision if you asked me. He was testing my trust and very thin patience. Taking a few more slow and shuffling steps, the doctor entered the abyssal room. 

“… Garret?” He asked quietly, silence. "Garret, I know you are in this room but I wanted you to know. The council has moved the trials date up. You will be brought on the last day of the trial, to speak in your defense." He paused trying to search for me through the large spectacles on the bridge of his nose.

"The headmistress also may have a solution to your...hunger." Suddenly, there was a breeze behind the doctor, he turned seeing the light, open doorway and nothing beyond it.

Then he realized… his back was turned to me. Just as fast as the synapse caused him to gasp, my icy hand instantly gripped his jaw, yanking his head to the right. His arms came up in surprise, catching himself before he hit the ground. 

"And what hope is there for me, Doctor? What could I possibly say in my defense? I'm sorry I got a bit hungry and went out for a late night snack?!" I sneered at the doctor, my fangs glinting in the outside light. The guard's forms appeared, creating shadows in the blinding light. The doctor stood and whispered for the guards to retake their posts. 

"You can try, Garret. If you plead your case-" 

"My case?" I laughed. "Look at me doctor, I've been starved of blood for four days. I'm paler than the moon in the night sky and hungrier than a lone wolf in the forest. I look like an animal, hell my thoughts have become anamalistic. What vampire would take pity on me...not one. Not even my friends would wish to spare me, if they were to look upon me!" I snarled and retreated to my corner, pacing like a jackel. My fingers twisted and intertwined with each other as my behavior grew pensive. 

"One more thing, Doctor." I stated before the old man left. 

"How do they plan to execute me, if I am found guilty?" The doctor winced at the mere thought. He shook his head and left me there, closing the door and snuffing out any light. My breath grew sharp and ragged, contemplating the many different ways they could kill me; Lop off my head, stake through the heart, burning me alive, starving me till I withered to dust.

I shivered, what a wonderful outlook. Crawling back to my cot, I curled upon the uncomfortable beddings allowing my eyes to fall shut. If the headmistress has something up her sleeve, she'd better hurry. I calmed as sleep came to me. It was the only peace I ever found, a respite in all the shifting pains. The dreams took me away, far from the solitary cell and into a warm comforting place. 

The End

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