The ShotMature


I didn't know what to do. Hazel saw every moment I was in pain. Not actual pain but mentally. I was bordering on the lines of becoming knocked off my rocking horse, storming into Garret's cell, snapping his neck and being done with him. It wasn't me. It just wasn't.

It was the other part of me. The vampire part that linked to my father. I was powerful, yes, but only because of my father. "I can't take this" I hissed as I drank another bottle of blood. The only way I would take it. I felt horrible, a monster, if I drank it straight from the vein of a human. This also resulted in my being sick which my clan discovered the first time they tried to feed me.

"That's three, right? In two hours" Hazel said worried.

"I can't take it. Its there always now. The link is like a buzzing annoyance on the edge of my skull. It drys my throat out and makes me incredibly thirsty" I say clutching my head.

"Why is Garret's thirst effecting you?"

"I don't know!" I snapped. "Its.....its almost like his bloodlust is so powerful in his mind its infecting me. I can't stand it!"

"Maybe we should ask to see him. You could try and calm him down"

"No, he's a jekyll and hyde. The old him gets consumed by the bloodlust" I say annoyed. "Wait.... I got it!"

"Got what?"

"Garret's bloodlust. Its controled by the need thats in his mind. If I put a shield of walls, mental ones,, around it he'll be in control. Problem is they could easily fall if he wants them too. We need his bloodlust to be quenched when we ask him"

"I could help with that" a voice say. Both me and Hazel turn to face the headmistress. "This is Avalon. If you can convice her she'll be able to help you"

"I don't know headmistress. Its a long shot. These are only mental figments of imagination I'll be using. Once I've set them up... Garret will be in control of them. He'll be able to turn them on and off when ever. I'm not promising to stop him being a bloodhound"

"Its the only idea so far" Hazel says and with those words its decided. We have to try.

The End

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