The door to my solitary cell was a heavy metal, like something out of a medieval torture room.The latch and hinges were made of an even thicker metal, whining in protest everytime the door opened. It had been three days since they had tossed me in here. The only thing occupying the room was a simple cot I had taken residence upon. The flickering  dances of candles lighting the perimeter of the nearly black room. A knock came at my door, a few hushed voices whispering behind it. My belly growled in angry protest, my hunger was driving me insane.

The door opened allowing me to see a tall, older vampire wearing a white coat. Like the one you see doctors wearing at insane asylums. I hissed and raised my hand to block the annoying flicker of the dying yellow hallway bulb.

“Close the door.” My now raspy voice growled. I felt like a caged animal, constantly poked and proded. The door shut closing out the light which had become alien to me.

“Garret? How are you feeling?” The old doctor asked in a conversational tone. I eyed whispy figure in the candle light, such a frail looking man it whispered to me. My voice was rasped as I breathed.

“Why did you come? Here to disect me like a worm, ask me questions till you're sure that I'm some kind of murder?” I asked angrily.

“Garret, I am only here to determine if visits with you are safe. Your friends are worried.” He said tilting his head slightly. I chuckled under my breath. Since my confinement, my memories had twisted and faded. My hunger replacing every part of my existance, till little of me was left.

"I don't know of any friends..." my voice filled the room with eerie echoes of itself. The doctor narrowed his eyes at me curiously.

"Oh," he says as if he knew the answer to everything. "What about Hazel and Liliana? Do you remember them?" I shut my eyes as images flashed in my minds eye. I nodded slowly to answer his question, my stomach growling even louder.

“So you know you’re controlled by this bloodlust?” he asks, loading the question, trying to draw some reaction out of me.

“…Yes, I do.” I respond, emotionless.

“Can you prove it to me?” he asks.

“Not without you begging to God for me not to have.” I replied, coldly.

“What do you mean?” he asks, I could tell that my emotionless reactions were scaring him.

“There’s one way to make you believe, but you might think of it as being a little extreme.” A twisted smile spread across my face.

“You’re thinking about feeding, right?” The doctor prods even further.

“To tell you the truth, yes. As soon as they walk through that door, as soon as they are within striking distance, even now, yes. And that’s why I’m here, doc.” I murmur, reliving my first kill.

“Because you can’t control yourself?” he asks, as if discerning some diagnosis.

“… No, I can’t.” I gave up, the burning sensation filling my body and attacking my mind. “The thoughts get spinning in my head and before I know it, it’s too late. Blood on my hands… in my mouth, and I’m just left there…content as a baby after being suckled by it's mother.” I shifted, resting my elbows on my knees amd my feet on the ground. I sighed heavily and looked up to the doctor.

"I can promise you this, I have no intrest in killing other vampires only humans. Their blood is like an addiction I can't shake. It's there, constantly stalking me. Though I will admit, I love it sometimes, the power it gives me. The excitement I feel as their life wastes away..." I stopped myself as my mouth began to watter and my body began to tremble. "Bring in whoever you please Doctor, I would enjoy some company."

 He sighed quietly, looking down at his notes,looking for some definite pattern  in my behavior. I was getting slightly testy on the subject, feeling the hunger wavering.

“Well Garret, that’s enough for today. We will see how the future progress.” The doctor said, standing and putting his folder under his arm. He faced the door.

“Doctor—“ I began, he stopped and turned

“Yes Garret?”

“… Have a nice night.” I said, quietly and smirked.

“You too, Garret.”  

The End

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