I Refuse.Mature

I glared at the girl who'd bumped into me as she walked away, growling slightly. 

This place already sucked and I'd only just gotten through the rusty old gate. But I had to admit, this schools' campus was rather large.

'Hmm. Office, office. . .'

'Oh! Your Avalon Lockwood?'A plump lady ran up to me and smiled widely, revealing a set of perfect white teeth that clashed tremendously with her orange skin.

'Aw, man! I haven't even beaten anyone up yet and I'm already off there? I swear, I only--'

'Not that. . .you've, um, got a certain mission to carry out for us. We has been anticipating your arrival.' The lady beamed at me. I raised my eyebrows sceptically.


I followed the damned women all over the school before she took me to a little door with the words, "headmistress"  tacked to it. Shaking my head, I pushed the door open, shaking a little.

I stepped inside to see a beautiful women sat on the desk, she had perfectly straight teeth, big, thick lashed eyes. I mean, I could go on. It made me feel kinda self concious that I hadn't worn any make up today. I frowned and wondered why the heck this women bothered me so much, so I put up my steely face.

'What, then?'I asked rudely, 'why am I here?'

'Well, it's difficult for us to ask this of you, Avalon. So . . .why don't you sit down?'She murmured through her pink, pouty lips.

I pulled out a chair and flopped back onto it, slouching in it's cushiony confinements.

'. . . hmm? Start talking, then. Or I'll bored of hearing your stupid accent.' I grunted, picking the dirt from underneath my nails.

'We have a special case here, and we need you to provide your blood, he's in a safe place--'

'No ta.' I cut in bluntly, 'I've been at this school, what? Half an hour and your already asking me to give out blood. I'm not a mobile-fucking-hospital.'

She stood there, quite taken aback. I smirked and sunk deeper into seat.

'You don't have any reason to refuse, Avalon. If you can give me a good one, I'll reconsider.' She said coldly, folding her arms. Meeting my eyes, and I stared right back.

'Anemia?' I snickered.

'Now you look here, this boy is in dire need of your help! He'll be killed by the Red Council if you don't provide your services!'

'Nope. No. Nada, no-freaking-way.'

'Hm. I'll have to take a different approach. I'll make you visit him later and you'll see his state!'


I glared at my feet and licked my front teeth angrily. This place sucked even more than Ebony did.

The End

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