Resigned to FateMature


I slammed the door to my dorm and threw myself on the bed. Stupid, stupid girl. You just had to interfere! I gnashed my fangs and slammed my fist into the wall, creating a small crater. A heavy wave of pain racked my body, pushing me to ground. I howled out in anguish and collapsed to the ground, my eyes falling shut. 

"It hurts, so much!" I whined and curled into a ball on the floor, my nails dug into the floor. It was destroying me from the inside, ripping me apart. I writhed and trembled, a cold sweat pouring off my face and pooling on the floor. My entire body burned, compelling me to feed. I flashed back to when Hazel found me. 

"You go off and kill an innocent girl, you almost get exicuted, and you're in a shitload of trouble with the Head mistress already, not to mention the fact that you have anuncontrollable bloodlust and temper. You have a bond with Lilianna and I am mad as hell at you because I'm risking my ass for you so I don't have to see your head in a basket when they come and chop your head off! What is wrong with you?!" She screamed at me as I looked down, but she jerked my head up so that I met her eye to eye. Those eyes burned at me in a sapphire fury...all that anger. 

The bloodlust found its way in and took hold of me. "I'm not sorry Hazel! I'll never be sorry! This is my burden and I swear I'll-" Footsteps echoed down the my hallway and pause before my door. No knock came as the door opened. I stood and bared my fangs at the intruder. To my disgust it was the headmaster. 

"Garret Dawes." she said, emotionless. I watched her carefully. Is she here to execute me? Did she hear of my earlier stroll? I grinned. 

"Yes, Headmistress?" Her eyes focused on me, suspiciously. 

"I am placing you in a solitary cell, on recommendation from the Red Council until your trial. You are too dangerous to keep out in the open. Killing humans, controlling professors, almost hurting other students. What would poses you to do such things?" 

"You still don't understand do you?" Her eyes widened as I was suddenly behind her. "The bloodlust gives me power, without it I am as normal as Hazel or the other students. Without it I am weak, I can be trampled upon by others. You know what I'm going to do mistress? I'm going to break Lilianna's control over me and I'm going to kill anyone who stands in my way. So Headmistress are you going to stand in my way?" 

She turned to me, eyes burning with the same rage that Hazel's and Lilianna's had. A dagger at her side unsheathed and glinted in the daylight. I guess not. Without thinking, I jumped backward and fell through the window in my room, landing atop a statue. The mistress was on the ground in front of the statue.

"All of this because someone has control of you?!" she shouted at me, brandishing the dagger. I scowled.

"Becoming a Vampire opened a new world, a new life to me. All I wanted was to be normal, go to classes, have friends and be happy but this bloodlust had to take control of me, wrapping its blacked claws around me.When I killed my childhood friend, do you think I wanted to drain her dry?! Of course not but when it takes control, there's nothing I can do but let that dark part of my personality take over. Like how it is now." I crouched and jumped to the ground.

"I was willing to learn to control it because, at first, it scared me. Then you had to get all high and mighty saying that I wanted to kill my friend, to kill other humans. You wanted me to have my mind read by a girl who has as much control over her powers as I have over my bloodlust. A foolish decision for one of such a high rank, don't you think?" 

The mistress tossed the dagger, I dodged it easily. Out of thin air two large vampires appeared and clasped their hands around my shoulders. I gasped in surprise.

"Garret Dawes, as I said before. You will be placed into a solitary cell until your trial and I'm sure you imminent execution. You will be starved of human blood until such trial. No visitors will be allowed to see you unless under direct orders." She turned from me as the guard's hold on me tightened.

Not what I had expected... The bloodlust faded from my mind and body, hiding itself in the darkest part of my mind. My eyes fading back to their normal color.

Sanity finally found me, what was I doing? Killing Lilianna, how could I say such a thing? It wasn't her fault it was mine. My eyes shut and my body slackened. In my mind I could feel Lilianna's calm presence, she was sleeping.

Lilianna, I'm sorry. To both you and Hazel, I'm so sorry. I wish that none of this had ever happened. Its all my fault that I am where I am and I shall never blame you for that. No matter what I or any others say. I am resigned to the death that the Red Council is sure to give me. I can only hope that at the time of my death...the connection severs and both you and Hazel can live a better life without me. Even though I only knew you two for a few days, I'll miss you both.

A weak grin crossed my features. The Vampire guards holding me dragged me towards a large, old looking building. It was a fun new life, while it lasted.  

The End

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