More TroubleMature

I ran my fingers through my hair as I processed everything that Lilianna had told me. Man, she must have had it hard.

I walked down to the cafeteria needing a bite to eat. Since it was open 24/7 I usually took advantage of that. I grabbed some chips and some Sprite.

I walked back down the hall I had came from until--

"Woah!" I said almost bumping into a fairly short ginger girl. "Sorry."

"Watch where your going," she muttered as I saw a stern look on her face as she glared at me.

"Hey! I said sorry! Don't need to get all pissy about an accident! Sheesh," I said just walking past her. God, people these days. I swear, it's like everyone's switched to grumpy mode.

"Hazel!" I head my name being called. It was Lilianna.

"Hmm? Yeah? What is it?" I saw her eyes flash with a glimpse of terror.

"It's Garret! He's gone back to the human world to get revenge on a childhood bully!" She said as she help my arm.

"Damn," I gritted my teeth together. "No one's safe from him I guess." I handed my food to her. "I'll be back. If the Head mistress asks where I am, tell her that I'm off to the city to relax because it's been a tough day. See ya," and in a flash I was gone.

"Damn, damn, damn that boy! When I find him I'll rip his head off," I thought to myself. I searched almost every house in a nearby neighborhood. I searched the place where I'd seen Garret and that girl knowing that his 'friends' would be near.

"What are you doing back here squirt," I heard a voice call from about a couple blocks away in a near by alley.

"Back for revenge," I heard Garret call.

"Damn it! He's making me cuss and get involved with bullies." I said as I ran towards Garret.

"You'll pay for what I had to go through. All of you!" he said angrily.

"Oh yeah? Whatcha going to do about it?" another one called.

"This," he said showing his fangs.

He lunged forward, but I was faster. I punched him in the guts before he could get any closer. I threw him against the wall. "What the hell were you about to do?" I said staring at him. Emotionless.

I saw anger fill his eyes along with sorrow. "None of your business--"

"Hey! Gettin' beat up by a girl I see? Whoosie!" they shouted, and in an instant I was pinning all 3 of them against the wall with my two hands. I crushed a couple bones just to make them remember.

They screamed loudly, but only for a second before I knocked two of them out. "You," I said to the remaining one. "When your friends wake up from their concussion. Tell them that if Garret comes back for them because of something you and your friends did, I will let him kill you. Now get out," I said as he scrambled up and ran away leaving his friends behind.

"As for you," I said clenching my jaw. "You go off and killed an innocent girl, you almost get exicuted, and you're in a shitload of trouble with the Head mistress already, not to mention the fact that you have an uncontrollable blood lust and temper. You have a bond with Lilianna and I am mad as hell at you because I'm risking my ass for you so I don't have to see your head in a basket when they come and chop your head off! What is wrong with you?!" I screamed at him as he looked down, but I jerked his head up so that he met me eye to eye.

"I know you're mad at those stupid ass holes, but do you think that killing them will make you any better than they were?" he was about to answer, but I didn't let him. "NO! It doesn't! It makes you worse! It makes you a murderer and them bullies! Thank GOD that Lilianna told me before you got any further than what you did because if it weren't for her, the Head mistress would have came and found you and possibly killed you right on the spot." I concluded.

"Now you get your lame ass back to school before I have to know you unconscious like those jerks and drag you back myself. Are we clear?" he nodded and ran back in the direction the school was in, but I made sure he got back. I ran about 25 meters behind him in case he decided to slip away, but he didn't. He went back to his dorm as did I.

On my way back though I bumped into another guy. Someone less expected. "Why hello," a guy named Arren said to me. He was a fomare, so I didn't really know him, but rumor had it that he was a flirt, so I kept my distance.

"Hi," I replied not bothering to smile.

"No smile?" he mocked.

"Arren, not now. I'm really tired. Do you mind?" I said trying to get past.

"Why of course," he bowed and I made my way past him.

Gosh what a night. I said as I reached my dorm.

I found Lilianna fast asleep in her room. Knowing that she had already hit the hay made me a little more relaxed. I hopped into the bathroom where I would soon find my own comfort in the bathtub.

The End

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