Darkest Way OutMature



Lilianna placed her fingers on either side of my eyes. I screamed as it felt like someone had stabbed me in the head.  I could feel her there, her warm essencce moving through everything, Oh god she found it. The bloodlust, all my pain, my memories. I could feel her trying to pull out. Something told me, look up, look at me. My crimson eyes slowly moved up as if they were not my own. Our eyes locked, crimson met a hypnotic amethyst.

"NO!" Lilianna howled stumbling away from me. I blinked a few times, slowly.

"I..I..." my mouth began to stutter.

"I told you not to" she shouted at me. 

"What did he do?" The headmistress asked, observing everything. 

"Our minds are linked" Lilianna choked, tears began to stream down her face. "You idiot!"

"What did you see in his mind, Lilianna?" The Hazel asked a flash of fear in his eyes. 

"Horror's. Uncontrolable horror's. The bloodlust was the worst. It takes over him at the mere smell of blood. He'd kill." Liliana trembled and collapsed to the ground, her hands clutching her shoulders tightly. The headmistress nodded.

"How do you break a mind link?" Hazel asked moving closer to me. 

"You can't" I say with a shiver. "He's now my..... own personal bodyguard/slave. Sort of"

"No! You can't be control of me" I snarled angrily. Lilianna turned and glared at me. 

"Sit and shut up!" She snaps. To everyone's amazement, including my own, I did just that. She began to cry as Hazel passed me and held her tightly.

"We'll work this out. You're both obviously in bad position to discuss this. We should all go to sleep. Lilianna can come stay with me" Hazel consoled. 

"What have you done?" Lilianna whispered angrily as Hazel escorted her away, leaving only the headmistress and I alone. I shivered in the forest air, I could feel her there coiled like a snake around my mind.

"Garret, I will consult the other headmasters. I'll look for a way to fix this. As for your execution, I am convinced that you had no control of yourself at the time of the slaying." the Headmistres said. I stood, weakly and began to walk from the forest. You have no idea what I can and cannot control! It took me an hour to leave the forest, like I was in some sort of stupor. 

By the time my feet crossed into the schools courtyard, the sun had just began to caress the horizon. It's rays of warm orange and yellow heating the air, though I could not feel its teasing rays. Vampires, unlike those in human folklore, can walk freely under the sun without fear of being turned to dust. I moved to the darkest shadow I could find, I didn't want anyone to see me. The darkness was cold mixed with the morning dew as tears streaked down my face.  A memory of my human self surfaced. 

 A steel toed boot crashed into my head over and over, the screams of other children as blood splattered across the floor. I yelled and called out for someone, anyone to help me but no one came. A heavy fist connected with my cheek smashing me into the tile wall. 

"You're weak Noah! You just take it like a baby and cry!  Come one stand and fight me or I'll take your lunch money again!" More tears streaked into blood as I lay crumpled on the floor. My tormentor laughing above me. I was weak, a fool, I would never escape being a slave to this monster. I wished just once that I would be able to destroy my tormentor, to be an even worse monster than he was.

I smirked, that was the day Hazel turned me. My fists tightened, now my new life was going to be controlled just like my human life. NO! 

"Garret?" A voice startled me from my thoughts. I looked up to see Professor Delya. "Are you ok?" I pressed my self further into the shadow, wiping the tears from my face. "It's ok, I just noticed you and wondered why you were crying?" I clenched my teeth together, my body beginning to tremble. 

"I'm sorry Professor, I must go." I stood from the shadows and moved past the professor, my body beginning inwardly to collapse under the growing bloodlust. There has to be a way to break her stupid hold on my mind, my body. 

"Garret?!" Lilianna's voice shouted in my mind, it faded as the blood lust grew. I grinned, I have my way out! 

"Good day Professor Delya," I said making my way towards the front gate. 

"Garret, you don't plan to go into the human world do you?" I stopped and looked over my shoulder, a wicked gleam in my eye. It had taken over. 

"You planning on stopping me, Professor?" Her body went ridged as though my glance controlled her. Does my bloodlust give me this...power, this control? 

"No," she said, her voice dull and lifeless. Delya and walked away at a slow mechanical gait.  A sadistic grin spread across my face. Lilianna, if you can hear me, after I'm done with my next human victim, I'm coming for you. My eyes narrowed. And I'm going to kill you! I jumped the gate and landed on the other side, the sweet scent of blood filling and driving me. 

The End

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