I hummed as the warm San Diego sunlight danced across my skin. I’d skipped class again and I knew it’d come back and bite me in the ass at some point but I’d worry about that later. My eyes flicked open and I gazed up into the sky, dusky pink clouds gracing the horizon as the sun started to set. I’d lived in San Diego for as long as I could remember, though apparently my family had moved a lot when I was a baby. Something to do with vampire hunters or some bullshit like that.

I ran my tongue over my teeth, pausing slightly as I brushed against my fangs. My fangs were always out, through no choice of my own, and I’d had a lot of split lips as a kid, let’s put it that way. Apparently it was a family trait, though, since both my parents and my younger sister, Ianthe, had the same problem.

I sighed as I watched the sun dip that little bit further below the skyline, turning the sky from that dusky pink to a deeper purple colour. I stood, slipping my shirt back on but not bothering to do up the buttons. If anyone ran into me, they’d no doubt start talking behind my back anyway. I’d been raised to believe I was superior what with having pure blood and though I no longer shared that opinion, the arrogance of my family seemed to have stuck with me through no choice of my own. Sure, I had friends but half of them were more like social arrangements set up by my parents and other influential vampires.

I made my way to my room, one of the larger rooms, and fortunately didn’t run into the Headmistress. I knew she’d come to find me eventually but I’d deal with that when the time came. If she knew me as well as I hope she does, she could expect nothing but charm as I made my apology. I’m good at that; charming people. I’d charmed my way into going to Vikrum Academy when my parents wanted to send me to Ebony. I’d charmed my way out of skipping class more times than I care to remember. And I’d charmed my way into most girls’ hearts.

I sank onto my bed, shutting my eyes as I let the darkness of the room swallow me. I slid off my shirt and stripped down to my boxers, feeling the cool sheets beneath me start to warm up with the aid of my body heat. I’d heard there was a new kid at the academy but I could look for them tomorrow, sleep was more important to me.

The End

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