'Don't. Call. Me. Short!' I almost screamed as I punched the boy who had dared comment on the height.

I swung my fist through again, smacking his face and slamming him into the wall.

'Nice hit, Apple.' He smirked, licking his bust lip, healing it.

'My name is Avalon, idiot. Get it right!' I fumed, clenching my fists, tempted to punch the kid again.

'Yeah, well, Avalon mean's apple! And it makes this whole situation even more amusing because we have a red uniform!' He laughed, putting his hands on his hips.

'Don't you go using your fancy talk on me!'

'Because your a imbecile?'

'Yeah! Crap, I mean no!' I yelled, kicking him in the shin before 'humph'-ing and walking off towards the woods in which my favourite sitting spot was located.

It didn't really matter about any of this anymore. I mean, I was going to move soon anyway. I guess this a good thing 'cause Ebony Academy is so outdated! I mean, we only have one computer suit. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to move that much. I'm quite content where I am at the moment, but I'm a delinquent. And a violent one at that, the teacher's don't know how to deal with my rude attitude and I think it's pathetic that they are really transferring me to America. So, yeah, rather than dealing with my rebellious behaviour, they'll just throw me unto a new academy, making me venture into the unknown land of San Diago. Thanks, no really, I feel great about that.

But at least there is no uniform, no stupid red blazer, no idiotic blouses ties. No more clothing rules to follow. I can just wear regular clothing. Well, I hope so. 'Cause if they suddenly swoop in and tell me there is a uniform, I think I may cry. . .okay, I wont but you get my point.

I wasn't always this way. Naww, I used to be the perfect sister, student and daughter. But my best friend was killed. I don't know the details, but I do know it involves a human and a sharp knife. Nice. Just delightful. After that, I lost control and let my more boyish side loose.

I sat down beneath a tree and sighed, I pulled my book front my schoolbag and started reading. . .

'Avalon Orinthia, please report to the office. Your families driver is here to take you to the airport.' A voice belted out from one of the speakers nearby. I then realised it had been played all around the school grounds.

Great. I was kind of hoping to keep my moving away under wraps, but they just had to go yell it across the whole campus. No really, I'm totally in debt to you for that.

I heard it echo around the gardens and yards and classrooms numerous times before I could be bothered to get up.

'Jesus. . .I really can't be arsed. . .' I grumbled as I stood up, snatching up my school bag and storming in the direction of the girls' dorms to pick up my suit cases, no doubt the mean girls in there had all of them in the lobby ready and waiting for me to leave.

I mumbled to myself as I walked there, wondering what awaited me in the US of A.


The End

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