Lonely LifeMature

"So what about your parents?"

"Never knew my dad and the moment my mother saw my fangs she threw me in a ditch" I reply wincing at the memory so fresh in my mind. I also find myself focusing on the direct link to Garret's mind I now have. I could so easily slip into his mind. Luckily its not reversed.

"Oh my god! Really?" Hazel gasped staring at me with wide completely shocked eyes. I nod silent and gesture to the bed. We both sit down and I take a deep breath to continue.

"I was raised by this clan of vampires. They found me interesting seeing as I'm half vampire. You're the only 'living' vampire or anyone who knows. You see. When my gift was discovered I was recruited to a school. When I didn't come my clan was hunted down and killed. There were only 5 of us. So not much of a fight"

"What the hell?!? Why were your clan killed?"

"Because.... I don't just read minds. You saw with Garret that I could control him. Thats not only with minds I become linked to. I can do it with anyones. I can also go into the deepest depths of someones mind and.... search through memories. Forgotten ones and alive ones, past and present"

"Wow, thats alot of power"

I nod. "Headmasters and mistresses say its probably from my fathers side. Thing is... no one knows who that is. The only lead is that.... he's powerful. I got a necklace for my last birthday which was a black rose charm on black silver. Its the clan symbol for the-"

"The Shadows" Hazel gasps. "The group of vampires that seem to be above the law of the vampire world cause each member is gifted, in high power or from a full blood line"

I lower my head. "My father must be one of them" I pull the necklace out from beneath my shirt and hold it in my palm while Hazel gazes at it in longing.

"Everyone wants to be apart of The Shadows" Hazel whispers. "Everyone who is someone is"

"So thats my story. Its why I move school every year" I whisper tucking the charm back beneath my shirt. Hazel stared shocked at me for a moment then noticed the drained look on my face.

"This must be hard for you. Telling me this"

I nod quietly. "Thought you would ask a simple question" I say with a slight chuckle. I pull my knees up to my chest. "I'm always shy but... theres somepart of me deep inside I don't like. The vampire part of me. Hazel... you can't tell anyone about my heirtage being a half blood"

"I promise I won't" Hazel said.

"Do a blood oath" I say sternly. She winces and sighs. I prick my finger and she does the same and pressing the tips where the blood spills she swears her oath.

"I swear I will not tell anyone or thing about Lilianna's heirtage"

"Good, now you can't break it" I say and both of us heal our wound with a simple lick of our tongues across the cut.

"You should sleep" I nod and Hazel leaves me. I curl up slowly on my bed and close my eyes falling into a deep sleep.... my mind searching out....

The End

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