Girls Night OutMature

"Come on in Lilianna," I smiled as I helped her with her things. I cleaned out an extra room so that she could move in. Since her and Garret were somehow bonded head mistress found it necessary that Lilianna move in with me in case anything went wrong. Since my room was fairly big I didn't mind.

"All right," I lead her to the guest room. "I hope this room will be nice." I smiled leading her into the spacous room.

"It's fine," she smiled back hulling her luggage in. "Could you help me unpack?" she asked politely.

"Mhmm, sure." I grabbed a suitcase and began unpacking. She showed me where she wanted her clothes and I did accordingly. "So, since your moving in, I kinda wanna get to know you a little better."

"Yeah. Same here." she said looking up at me. "Mind if I ask a couple questions first?"

"Nope! Go right on ahead." I said bracing myself for her questions.

"So, where are you from?" she started.

"Up in Rhode Island." I said.

"Ah, so there must have been a huge adjustment when you moved here huh?"

"Yeah," Since Vikrum Acadamy was down in San Diago, there was a HUGE climate change. I had to buy new clothes and new bed sheets.

"So, how are your mom and dad?"

"They're the best. I wish I could've stayed with them a little longer, but they decided it was for the best that I'd be sent down to Vikrum Acadamy as soon as I could go." I remembered the day I moved away. It was tramatizing. I was only 10.

"Y didn't you go to Porshia Acadamy in Russia? Or even Ebony Acadamy in Europe?" she asked.

Knowing she went to a lot of schools I knew she knew the locations of each and every one. "They're out of state. If my parents ever wanted to visit me everything would be more expensive. Especially the plane tickets."

"Oh," she concluded. "Well I guess that's all I wanted to know."

"All righty then!" I got all pumped up, wanting to know what she was like. "My turn!"

"Okay, but I gotta warn you. My life isn't the prettiest painting," She grinned.

"But it's unique." I braced myself knowing that she was right, but curiousity took over and I began my interrigation.

The End

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