Never means NeverMature


I was chasing a fox when I heard them. The sudden rush of hurried thoughts that stopped me in my tracks. Edge of the forest. I walked back slowly trying to avoid what I knew they wanted from me. What all full grown vampires wanted from me.

I let out a deep sigh. I reached the edge of the forest not walking up to the group but watching them from high in the tree. Garret, Hazel and the headmistress. Without one step into any of there minds I knew what they wanted me to do. "No" I whispered calmly.

They all turned to face me in a flurry of movements. Hazel eyes were confused and pleading which contrasted Garrets eyes full of fear and that cold inky darkness I could just taste on the edge of his mind. The headmistress slowly walked forward with Garret. "We really need you to do this Lilianna" she replied. "Garrets innocence and life depends on it"

"Last time someone said that they executed a 10 year old girl in front of me. She was innocent"

Hazel shivered and I let my eyes look at her. They were slightly more purple at this time and I felt the hypnotic pulse they gave off. The hypnotic pulse to the mind making you want to look up and.... I quickly looked away before Hazel's eyes met mine. "Please" she whispered. I felt scared, frightened, confused on what I should do. Finally with a sigh, I gave in. I jumped down lightly from the tree.

"Rule One, don't look into my eyes. Rule Two, remove any walls in your mind. Rule Three, the first rule is to stop us from linking mind. This would make me able to speak into your mind and hear it where ever"

I then put my fingers either side of his eyes and...Bang. I'm in. I'm soon though cold and feel ice creeping up on me. Oh god, all the bloodlust. All the pain of shattered memories. They feel so real like they're scratching at my skin. It hurts. I need to get out.... I- "NO!"

I stumble away and Garret blinks slowly. "I..." he stutters.

"I told you not to" I yell.

"What did he do?"

"Our minds are linked" I choke. "You idiot!"

"What did you see in his mind, Lilianna?"

"Horror's. Uncontrolable horror's. The bloodlust was the worst. It takes over him at the smell of blood. He'd kill"

The headmistress nods.

"How do you break a mind link?" Hazel asks.

"You can't" I say with a shiver. "He's now my..... own personal bodyguard/slave. Sort of"

"No! You can't be control of me" he says angry. I turn and glare at him.

"Sit and shut up!" I snap. To everyones amazement he does just that and I begin crying. Hazel comes and holds me.

"We'll work this out. You're both obviously in bad position to discuss this. We should all go to sleep. Lilianna can come stay with me" Hazel says. I feel anger. Something I haven't felt in a while. I'm rarely like this and I doubt I will be again. Oh god, what has he done?

The End

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