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"Come on in." Hazel said, gesturing to her room. "There are things we need to talk about." I could feel her gaze upon me as if I were some monster, a creature that she would need to constantly watch. The room was spacious compared to mine; a large bed, and a three seater couch matched other items neatly placed around the space. I kept my gaze forward and sat on the couch. Hazel sat across from me on the bed, I could feel all the questions and statements burning behind her sky blue eyes. 

"Well?" I asked breaking the silence between us. "You said you wanted to talk to me, so talk." I didn't know why I was angry and frustrated. How can she judge me for this? I only did what I felt...the memory of the human girl filled my minds eye. I could still imagine her blood. Hazel's lip trembled a bit as her blonde hair fell over her eyes. 

"Why..." her voice faded, seemingly at a loss for answers. I narrowed my eyes and shifted my gaze to the floor. 

"You wouldn't understand." 

"I wouldn't understand?!" She almost shouted at me. Her body grew tense like a coiled spring. "Then, please, Garret...explain to me!" I sighed exposing my fangs. Flashes of my old life fluttering by my eyes. My past was broken and my future was crumbling before my eyes. A tight pain welled in my chest. 

"Hazel, remember when you turned me? How I fought and struggled, grasping so tightly for life. And all that blood...I felt so cold. Then just as I feel deaths grasp on me, you placed your bleeding wrist to my lips and softly spoke to me. Telling me to drink and that everything would be fine." I gave her a weak smile, she watched with rapt silence. 

"The strength which had been drained from me returned with each lap of blood. I wanted more, without knowing why. Before I figured out what was happening to me, another wave of fatigue smashed into my skull. I remember the drops of rain hitting me when my legs finally gave out. I slumped into a set of arms, your arms. My human consciousness was leaving, being replaced. No, rewritten. From that point on, I woke up to you and you know the rest of the story." I paused for a breath, suddenly feeling tired. 

"Hazel, I am no longer human. No longer a mortal who walks the streets and worries about petty things. You made me a vampire, for that I am grateful but what you fail to see is that's ingrained into me. Sure you and the others have it to, but mine..." I shuddered. Hazel stood from her seat on the couch and walked over to me. She gave me a nod to continue. 

"Mine is something stronger, darker, it's animalistic and deadly. I know I have to control it but you just don't understand!" My fingers wrapped around my head, my eyes clenching shut. "It's there, every time I see or smell blood. I...I just want to give in an let the dark desire take hold. The taste of blood was far sweeter than I ever could have imagined. The experience is without parallel, Hazel. There is nothing more satisfying or exciting than what I did tonight and I'd do it again, if given the chance. You can't stop it or tell me to control it. It can take hold at anytime." I turned my head, opening my crimson eyes to stare at hers. 

"It took all my energy not to hurt you and Lilianna tonight. You two are really the only ones I know in" Hazel blinked slowly, taking in all that I had said. She wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me to her side, my head resting on her shoulder. 

"Garret, I may not have known you as a human but I know you have goodness within, somewhere. Maybe it's just buried beneath all your pains and fears, your worries and your doubts. I know you have the ability to control it, you just have to dig deep." I winced and pulled away from her, moving to stare out the window. "I think what you forget, as a vampire, that you were once human too. You can't go out and kill someones friend, sister, niece without consequences. What if that had been someone you used to know or even a family member? Would you still have been so hungry that you would drain them dry?!" I rang my tongue over my fangs, contemplating the question. The answer she wants is going to hurt her more than she thinks. 


"Tell me the truth Garret!" she said sharply, tears bordering her eyes. I shut my eyes and felt warm tears of my own coursing down my icy skin.

"Yes..." a memory flashed into my head of the girl I had killed. She was in a beautiful dress dancing slowly in the arms of a very familiar person, me.

"How can you say that?!" Hazel burst at me angrily. I turned to Hazel feeling my eyes deaden. 

"Because I already have, that girl I killed tonight...she was my childhood friend. Back in the alley she recognized me, I saw it in her eyes. At the time, it didn't register." My voice dropped to a whisper. Hazel's expression was mixed, torn between disgust and shock. She took a step back and my eyes narrowed, she was...afraid of me. 

"What will the headmistress do to me?" I asked gazing back out the window. Heavy storm clouds were covering the night, ominously clawing their way across the blackened sky. Hazel didn't respond, my heart sank as I smiled, it was the smile of a dead man walking. 

"The punishment for the murder of an innocent, especially a human, is death Garret Dawes." The headmistress said sternly, appearing in the doorway. I nodded indifferently. 

"Mistress you can't be serious!?" Hazel spoke up. "This is first day as a Vampire and you would strike him down for a mistake that occurred in his fledgling hours?" The mistress held up a pale, smooth hand, silencing the protest. 

"I was not finished, the other professors and I have taken all into consideration. We are going to establish if you truly aimed to drain this girl. Or to see if this bloodlust is as controlling as you say. Garret come with me, we're going to have someone look into your mind and find out what really goes on in your head." The mistress wrapped a hand around my arm and lead me from Hazel's room.

"Who's the reader?" Hazel questioned following us.

"Liliana," was all the mistress said.  

The End

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