Severe BloodlustMature


Lilianna stared at me, I clenched my teeth, my hands tightening into fists as the smell washed through my nose. The sharp iron smell drove my senses wild, causing my stomach to burn and a voice to scream in my head; run, hunt, kill! I winced at the sharp hunger engulfing my body. My eyes instantly locked onto the other humans subdued in the room, I opened my mouth and licked my fangs. Hazel released the human she was feeding upon and looked to me.

"Hazel..." I started, though I could still hear all the human's heart beats pounding in my ears. "I need some blood," I snarled and hurried past the her, my feet taking me off into the night. I fought with myself, I should have gotten one bite while I, what if Hazel and Lilianna saw me? I kept walking, not knowing where my feet were carrying me. Soft footsteps echoed behind me, I spun and came eye to eye with Hazel. 

"Garret, what's wrong?" I trembled, the craving almost consuming my entire conscience. I took a few unsteady steps back, I could see my reflection in her eyes. My own eyes were completely Crimson, even the whites of my eyes were gone.

"Stay....back...Ha..Hazel, I'm not sure...I can't-" I groaned as a tremor ran up my back. Hazel reached out to hold me steady, I growled  her a warning and took off for the gate to the human society. A voice shouted after me but I concentrated in the gate and jumped. I landed on the other side and didn't look back.

I was in the city, at least five miles from the academy. The area didn't look familiar, at least from my broken memory of my past life. The black night flirted with the silvery moonlight. It's soft glow shone through the streets and onto the asphalt. Then a smell caught my attention, a twisted smile stretched across my lips. I knew where the scent was coming from... I wouldn't be hungry for long. I casually walked along the sidewalk, following the intoxicating scent. My senses sharpened along with my anticipation, I was getting closer.

Carefully I crept into the shadowed alleyway that linked between a pair of tall buildings. The scent was quickly growing stronger to my nostrils, filling them, taunting me and teasing me to no end. My instincts started to animalize, the blood lust was tightening it's heavy grip upon me. In the alley a shadow moved, I saw something, someone. A woman. She had long, straight blonde hair, wearing a black leather jacket, and skinny blue jeans. I felt my instincts finally overthrow my logic as I stared at her. My feet slowly moving one in front of the other, creeping ever closer to her.

My footsteps were silent on the ground, as I approached. I could smell her scent on the air. A sweet, delicious smell. My eyes focused and refocused as I approached. She had a cell phone pressed to one ear, but was merely standing there. My lips parted a little, allowing more breath as I crept closer, my need, the insatiable thirst coming stronger with the promise of reward. My fangs were bared; my body, tensed. A bead of sweat could have shattered the precious tension of the moment.

I slowly reached my hand out to grab her shoulder, but just as I had started, she turned! She turned around completely to face directly at me, catching me off guard.  She stared at me, as I quickly recoiled, wrapping my lips around my protruding fangs. The girl had to be only a year or two older than me, she pocketed her phone. I stared at her still, her heartbeat thumping powerfully in my ears. Adrenaline was flowing freely through me.

She smiled as if she recognized me.“...What are you doing here?” she asked, oblivious to my previously animalistic acts. She didn’t known I crept up on her, nor did she notice the over-sized weapons of my innate gift. I looked at her strongly, yet blankly at the same time. In my mind, I contemplated what it was I should do. Should I strike? Should I speak? The thoughts overflowed and overwhelmed my mind, causing me to pause, and stay still. Her expression changed from one of happiness, to confusion. She was confused with my silence. Feed! KILL! My thoughts screamed at me. 

“... are you alright?” she asked, worry pooling in her eyes. Her voice snapped me out of the pause and caused an automated response in my synapses.

“Yes.” I said, coolly. I watched as her eyes widened at my exposed fangs, when I spoke. She had almost screamed, but I acted. With speed and grace, I swept behind her, wrapping a hand onto her mouth, the other on her wrist, keeping her quietly, my prisoner. My jaw shook gently as I drew close to her. The scent was powerful, my instinct and thirst overthrowing my thoughts. The woman protested loudly through my hand, and moved harshly trying to escape my grasp. Finally, instinct struck.

My muscles locked, and my mouth opened. My teeth, fully bared, readied for thier warm reward. My neck forced the weight of my head forward. Powerfully driving my fangs into her neck like two sharp needles, my gums feeling the warm rush of metallic life coming from the wounds. I wrapped my lips around  the wounds, drafting and swallowing her lifeblood, as she shrieked, kicked, and fought more, screaming into my hand. I withdrew her life faster, her fighting causing even more excitement. 

Time became nothing. All that existed was the thirst. My eyes slid heavily shut as I drafted more and more from her wound, her loud screams becoming quiet and finally, her body fell limp in my hands. I still drew what my body infinitely wanted. I went to my knees, lying her down, still locked onto her generous veins.

Finally, her veins pumped empty and I released her for a breath. A powerful, clean, and sweet breath rushed into my dead lungs. I turned my head to the sky, an instant alleviation from the burning of my thirst. A few drops of blood traveled from the corners of my mouth and  down my chin, but I didn’t care. I let my head fall forward, then looked down at her, as her eyes were closed, and her lips were partway open. I gently laid her against one of the building's walls, my titanic thirst sated. 

Before I could turn from the dead girls body I heard a girl gasp and felt eyes digging into the back of my skull. 

"Garret..." a voice trailed off horrified. I turned, licking my lips of the sweet nectar of human life. My eyes fell upon Hazel and the Headmistress, both were aghast at my atrocity. Hazel pushed past me and pressed two fingers to the girl's neck. Hazel shook her head.

"I killed her," I purred still high from the feeding "Drained her dry!" my voice took on a dangerous and dark tone. I was euphoric, a sinister grin overtaking me. I was a new person. I had no longer needed my mortality. That moments imprints were cold and calculating; sadistic and enchanting. It's occurrence left a mark on my psyche. 

"Hazel," the headmistress said almost out of breath "we need to escort Garret back to the school. He needs to calm down so I can talk to him about....this." She nodded and nudged me in the back. The three of us walked back to the school, I was the only one enjoying myself and the aftertaste of blood upon my fangs.    

The End

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