The New GirlMature

Lilianna. She seemed so shy. She was so pretty and about an inch shorter than where I stood. She had amazing eyes that just put me in a trance whenever I stared at her. But there was just something about her that just threw me off. She seemed a little lonley deep inside, but how could a pretty girl like her feel lonley?

My thoughts of Lilianna went away as our teacher went in. See, at Vikrum, you have a total of 5 classes. You would take your 4 basic cources and then an battle class if your a Protector, and a skills class if you were a Seeker. I don't really know what they do as Seekers, but for us Protectors, they would whip you into shape. You needed to be able to battle things that you couldn't see and learn how to sense where your opponent would strike next and do something about it before it happened. Not too easy if you ask me.

"Hey, Hazel," Garret called to me. "I'm bored. How long is this class?" he clanced at the clock and I quickly gave it a look too.

"Each class is about..." I calculated silently in my head. "48 minutes per session.

"Oh, ok," he said becoming less talkative.

What a weird kid. Math came and then Science, Next came English and then History. Finally, it was lunch. Everyone rushed to get food, but Garret and I just lingered back. I knew that there was going to be enough food for everyone, but Garret didn't. He was from a human school where the economy was bad and they couldn't afford it. We walked around trying to find a place to sit. My eyes fell on a certain girl that I had seen this morning. Lilianna.

"Hey," I said as I approached her.

"Hi," she said back as she nibbled at her sandwich.

"How was your first day?" I asked being curious.

"Great," she said giving me a warm smile.

"That's good. Hey, do you wanna come to the feeders place? You would take a quick sip. Your eyes look like you need a drink." I added.

"Umm... I guess so." she finished her lunch and Garret got a quick bite to eat.

We walked to the fedders area, hesitating a little, scared that Garrets blood lust would get out of control. I stepped in smelling the sweet sent of blood.

"Do you wanna get a quick sip?" I asked offering Lilianna first dibs.

"Mmmm, I preferr not to feed off of humans," she said.

"Okay," I said going in with a smile. I took the first one I saw.

Taking a couple ounces, I stopped there whiping my mouth trying not to be mesy.

"Hazel?" a Garret's voice came shakily.

"I need some blood." he said. I spun around quickly, but it was too late... He was gone.

The End

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